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Retired volunteers assist Hope for the Hungry

by / 0 Comments / 90 View / June 3, 2015

By Brentyn Young , The Belton Journal

For the past two weeks the organization Campers on Missions (COM) has been building a storage area for Hope for the Hungry. The storage area will be used to store materials used in Hope for the Hungry’s local charity. Campers on Missions has been working on building and remodeling the Hope for the Hungry building for the past twenty years.

Campers on Missions is a nonprofit organization made up of mostly retired individuals. They serve camps and other organizations that are unable to pay for construction materials and manual labor. While working, the campers live in their RVs and eat meals provided by the organization they are helping. Campers on Mission’s jobs range from tasks like repairing a washing machine or painting a house to building a house from the ground up.

“Without Campers on Missions we wouldn’t have the man power to do a lot of the things that need to be done,” said executive director of Hope for the Hungry, Danny Davis.

Local churches, members of the community, and local businesses donated meals and supplies to the campers. “They took tons of pressure off of us by providing the campers with meals and supplies,” said Davis.

“It has been a pleasure serving Hope for the Hungry all the way through,” said eighty-year-old Jack Shannon, a volunteer with Campers on Missions for over twenty-five years.

Campers on Missions is always looking for new volunteers who are committed to serving others. More information about their work and how to get involved can be found on their website,