Retro chic is back with Scbfashions & More

by / 0 Comments / 94 View / November 18, 2017

By Carissa Florres, Correspondent

A new business owner named Sherlynn Burkett has opened a new antique chic boutique. The store, located just a block from the town square, is called Scbfashions & More. Burkett wanted to start a storefront business for some time. While visiting the Belton area, her friend mentioned the space opening due to another store closing.
“That same day we put a deposit down and bought the property,” Burkett said. “It was the right time and the right space. It was truly a God thing.” Burkett speaks on the topic of how she obtained her beautifully crafted storefront. The store was set up rather quickly , only taking a few months to gather all the products. After gathering all the products and finding different vendors to fill the store it took one weekend to set everything up. They officially opened on Sept. 1. The store is now filled anywhere from four to eight vendors each having their own ties to the store.



“The store is meant to have a home like vibe for people to feel comfortable,” said Cyndal Cook, daughter in law of Burkett who works at the boutique. When approaching the store, both windows are displayed with chic refurbished furniture that gives only a taste of what the store truly has to offer of its homey feel. The store has a variety of items to make one feel at home including, clothes, furniture, antique jewelry and more. After viewing the outside display showing of furniture walking into the store gives the sensation of hominess a whole new level. The furniture, which is a best seller of theirs has one specific requirement which is that is must be all real wood and not plastic pressed wood. Other items that vendors bring in must be approved by Burkett. Store owner Burkett is optimistic for the store and hopes to keep the store bouncing with new items each week. The store is now open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
To find more about this retro-chic store, please visit Facebook and search Scbfashions & More.