Revelation in Nature

by / 0 Comments / 95 View / June 25, 2016

The Misericord • Ryan Kiblinger, FUMC

We are often in a hurry these days. We go from one place to the next in the most efficient way we can find (thank you Google Maps). We use things like express ways, and highways, instead of taking roads named Farm to Market. We cook ‘instant rice’ and have ‘fast food’ joints on every corner. We are truly rushing and running through life and often not just at a quick pace, but surrounded by man made constructs. To see the beauty of God, perhaps we need to take a look around in a slower, deeper, more intentional way.
Today, my wife and I sign papers to close on the sell of the house we have lived in for the past 9 years. We moved into the house, just the two of us, and had three kids while living there. So our family grew from two to five in those ensuing years. Gone is the playset, the kids toys, the furniture, and marks on the wall all painted over. But, the thing I will miss about the house is none of those things. When we moved in, in the front yard there was a live oak. It could not have been more than an two inched in diameter when we moved in. Just a waifish little thing tethered with two stakes to brace it against the wind. Now, that small tree is large. Grown taller, wider, and the trunk is now larger than I can wrap both hands around.
That tree. Watching it grow over the last 9 year is what I will miss most. Seeing the handiwork of God. God growing that tree, steadily, consistently, slowly, and yet the massive changes over time are undeniable. What if we saw creation with the wonder and amusement of a child? To approach the world with a sense of awe once again?
What if we went to the park, the lake, the woods, the nature preserve, and looked around. We weren’t in a hurry to finish a hike, or get to the play set, but rather we just set and worked at nothing. What if we simply sat in the presence of what God has wrought and marveled. It really is counter to all in our culture. To simply sit and be, and let God speak to us through His creation.