Robotics Club teaches students leadership via engineering

by / 0 Comments / 85 View / November 15, 2017

By Carissa Flores, Correspondent

Every Thursday at 4:30 p.m., a small group of highly-intelligent students from Belton High School comes together to make up the BHS Robotics club.
“I love that there are different aspects of the club besides just computer and science. There’s also marketing and spirit,” Carly Speck said. “Also, this is similar to a business. Our product is our robot and we have to sell it.” Speck, a senior who is the head of marketing, shed light on the fact that when building the robot, the club relies on sponsors to help fund the operation.
Selling the robot to sponsors has given the students an opportunity to understand how the real world will be when having to get something patented and approved. When going to different competitions, each competitor has to set up a booth to show what they have and what they have created. With the booth, the students also have a spirit section that follows them along, giving support as the team races the robots in the arena. Engineering, spirit, and market are only a few of the mini sections to what the organization has to offer.
“The club is the only reason I know what I want to do when I am older.” Jackie Corona a sophomore in the robotics club said about how she found her passion via this organization.
This club gives students an outlet to find what their passion is and gives them hands-on material to do just that. The organization itself is run by the students, allowing them more freedom to design, build, and make what they want. That being said, the club sometimes can get out of control, and at all times a teacher is present that overlooks the club and makes sure it stays on task.
The club is also made up primarily upperclassmen taking up a whopping 70 percent and underclassmen taking up 30 percent. The students hope that by getting the word out about how much fun this organization is that it will grow into something bigger than what it is currently.
In order for students to join this high energy group, a Belton High School student must simply show up to a meeting and ask to join in.