Rod Chopperz Car Cruise draws car enthusiasts to downtown Belton

by / 0 Comments / 154 View / April 3, 2018

By Heather Regula, Correspondent


The Rod Chopperz Car Cruise, featuring vintage and collectible cars, took place around the courthouse on Friday, March 16.


“I enjoy coming out here and looking at the cars and talking to the owners. I’ve been in the Army for going on six years, and I work on military vehicles, so I understand a lot about what the owners talk about, in regards to their cars,” stated car enthusiast Dustin Wilson.


George Rodriguez and his wife consider themselves transplanted Texans as the warmer weather and slower lifestyle of Central Texas drew them here after retirement. His vehicle, a 1972 Chevrolet First Generation Montecarlo, attracted the attention of attendees. The Montecarlo, named after the lavish city of Monte Carlo, in Monaco, has a history that makes this vehicle so meaningful for many. The 1972 models featured the discontinuation of a four-speed manual transmission and the addition of power steering as standard equipment.


“We moved here from New York about three years ago, and we love Central Texas. I’ve owned this vehicle for about five years – I bought it from a friend of mine who passed away,” explained Rodriguez. “I look at car meets online and if the weather is nice, we will participate. We always meet the nicest people. I retired from a cable company in New York and life is so different here – we enjoy it!”


Another vintage vehicle on display Friday evening was Ken Dixon’s 1966 factory built Ford AC427SC Cobra.


“I’ve owned this vehicle for about four years and it’s definitely a fair-weather car as it has no top. It’s a replica of a race car and has very few amenities,” remarked Dixon. “I was part of a car club when I lived down in Cypress, but I haven’t joined one since I moved up here about two years ago. I enjoy bringing my car out for these shows when the weather is agreeable – it’s great talking with other car owners and seeing their vehicles. I grew up in the 1950’-60’s and I’ve always been a car guy.”


The Rod Chopperz Car Cruise takes place every third Friday, starting at 7 p.m.