RSVP proclamation read

by / 0 Comments / 78 View / April 18, 2015

By Patrick Lacombe, The Belton Journal

Belton Mayor Marion Grayson along with Morgan’s Point Resort mayor Ken Steger honored the Bell County RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) members with the reading of a service proclamation Tuesday April 7 at 10am. The reading of the proclamation was held on the steps of the Bell County Courthouse in Downtown Belton.  Representatives on hand for the reading were Linda Morris, RSVP Coordinator and Connie Swinden, RSVP Military Liaison, and Wilburn Morris, RSVP Volunteer.

RSVP volunteers work in a variety of civic and community service organizations in the core nine county CENTEX service area.  Senior Citizens Centers, nursing homes, museums, libraries, civic theaters, crisis pregnancy/abuse centers, food pantries and clothes closets, soup kitchens, animal shelters, public schools, Head Start and offices of numerous civic and community organizations are just a few of the places RSVP volunteers donate their skills and time.  The volunteers do everything from cooking, delivering meals to the aged and disabled, quilting, answering phones, filing, teaching someone to read or taking someone to the doctor.  Volunteers assist with special community programs such as HOSTS, Communities In Schools, 4-H, FFA, FHA, Boy and Girl Scouts/Brownies, Crime Prevention – S.A.L.T. and T.R.I.A.D, AARP, American Cancer Society, American Legion/AmVets-Auxiliaries, Red Cross, EMS, Non-Profit Community Boards, Volunteer Fire Departments, and Disaster Preparedness/Homeland Security.

The RSVP program also welcomes volunteers under age 55. The –55 volunteers can be community volunteer recruiters; recruiting other volunteers to join volunteer services in the community. Volunteer service hours provided by –55 age volunteers are used as in-kind contribution to match Federal funds. If you would like to become a local RSVP volunteer contact: Linda Morris, RSVP Coordinator at (254) 773-0221 or