Run for Boston

by / 0 Comments / 64 View / June 3, 2013

On April 15 our country was again struck by another person or persons determined to destroy our lives, hope and dreams. Amidst this horrific act; the American Spirit again rose up. The day after the bombings at the Boston Marathon; several emails, text messages and Facebook postings started circulating around the country as well as the world asking for us to stand together as a united front showing the world’s evil doers that you could not break us last time and you would not destroy us this time.

We were asked to show our homage to the fallen and injured victims; by showing up dressed in blue or yellow (the colors of the Boston Marathon), creating signs that said Run for Boston 4/17 and posting on the Facebook page signifying our country’s support for Boston’s citizens.

In addition to dressing the part and posting of a signs we were asked to run or walk with our family, friends and neighbors. When we were first notified of the task we looked in the direction of our coworkers and immediate families for support but decided within a few minutes that we could and would try to do something even larger. Between the two of us we started sending emails, texts and postings on various social media pages asking people to join us on April 17 at Chisholm Trail behind Belton High School at 6:30 p.m. in honor of paying respect to our fellow citizens in wake of this tragedy.

Signs were made, flags were flying and balloons were flown after a moment of silence. Approximately 40 men, women, children and even one very patriotic dog set off to either walk or run a symbolic 4.17 miles; representing the date 4/17 selected in memory of those who had fallen, volunteered or helped during Monday’s tragedy. The mileage wasn’t required or expected from these people that showed up; it was just something each person felt compelled to participate in.

What you ended up with was a small group of people coming together from Belton, Temple and Salado wearing blue and yellow shirts; bowing their heads in a moment of silence and then releasing balloons of blue, white and yellow into the air; trying to overcome an act of unnecessary hatred but signifying Hope, Peace and Prayers for our Nation!

An act of kindness so simple, so informal and so last minute turned out to be something so very, very sweet and endearing.