Runners make muddy memories at the Asco Spartacus Dash

by / 0 Comments / 96 View / June 7, 2018

By Heather Regula, Correspondent



Over 400 race participants gathered at Confederate Park in anticipation of the highly coveted 7th Annual Asco Spartacus Dash. Runners registered for self-selected waves based on how fast they planned on running, allowing for the grouping of like speeds, rather than age groups. Profit Event Services timed the event, and Tanya Taylor served as Race Director. New to the race this year was a team category, consisting of at least one female.



The course, which was almost three miles and ran along Nolan Creek, featured 18 obstacles including a slippery tarp slide, ice bath, zip line, mud pit crawl, and other challenging obstacles. Asco employees volunteered along the route by manning the obstacles and cheering runners along. Jim Wood, a six-year employee of Asco, manned the ice bath.


Photo by Christopher Winston. Runners ran and crawled through mud pits in the obstacle endurance marathon style race. Both children and adults enjoyed getting down and dirty in this yearly event, which attracts hundreds of participants.


“We started off with 200 bags of ice that we poured into the water, and we used another 100 bags to keep it chilly! I work this station every year, along with a few other people, and we enjoy it a lot. This race means a lot to us,” explained Wood. “Every year, the charity changes, but the funds raised always stay local. Our home office matches what we raise, dollar for dollar. Asco has 22 stores in Texas, and each store does a large fundraiser to help their community. The home office matches funds raised for each fundraiser throughout the state. The company also has scholarships available for employees college-aged children. I enjoy working for a company that gives back to our community so much.”



Triathlete Cheryl Kibbe, of Troy, competed in the Asco Spartacus Dash for the first time on Saturday.


Photo by Christopher Winston. A participant conquers the mud pit with a feeling of triumph and sheer exhilaration. Obstacles included ziplines, a 15-foot cargo net climb and more.


“I did a Rugged Maniac Race in Austin last year, and this sounded fun so here I am! I love the camaraderie these type of events provides. The idea of testing myself – really pushing myself to my limits – is incredible,” stated Kibbe. “I’ve been a triathlete for about nine years, and I compete in 3-4 triathlons each year. I’m currently training for a half-Ironman, and I’m excited to be here today – raising money for our community and getting some more experience!”



Runners of all ages and experience competed in Saturday’s Asco Spartacus Dash. The completion of the race – overcoming the grueling obstacles – meant a lot to many of the participants.



“I’m out here today with my nine-year-old daughter Trienitie – I’ve run several 5K races, but this is the first obstacle course we completed together! Trieniti struggled through the ice bath, and the wall was the hardest for me,” remarked Rebecca Aguilera. “My husband is in the Army and stationed at Fort Hood. When we were at Bragg, I used to run races there, and I’m just starting to get out and do some here. I’m so glad Trieniti was able to do this one with me!”