School bus food truck debuts at meeting

by / 0 Comments / 297 View / September 29, 2016

By Lindsay Starr Platt

Before the monthly Belton ISD school board meeting officially started, all attendees to the school board meeting were given the first look at the BISD Food Truck’s debut and to enjoy the first meal served from the mobile kitchen.
As “customers” lined up at the truck hot tacos were served up along with fresh fruit and vegetable servings. The food truck was renovated from a former school bus that was taken “offline” from Belton ISD’s transportation department.
“We are proud of this innovative approach to feeding our kids,” said Superintendent, Belton ISD, Susan Kincannon.
The food truck has been given the name, B-Town Express Café which was selected by students. Students will have a chance to try the food truck at Belton New Tech High School @ Waskow on Tuesday. It will be at Bhs9 on Wednesday and at Belton High School on Thursday and Friday.
“This was stepping outside the normal. The food was really excellent, the best tacos I have had in ages! Anything to get our students excited about anything that happens in school is great,” said Randy Pittenger, President of Board of Trustees. “Wonderful meal and opportunity, I cannot wait to hear the buzz this creates. It won’t be long before they will ask for another one. “We are excited that our school nutrition department is doing innovative things to improve meal service for our kids. Each year, the department serves about half a million breakfasts and more than a million lunches. They play a critical role in making sure that kids can focus on learning.”
School board members approved the action on what it would take to make the Belton Independent School District a “District of Innovation”.
The Superintendent’s Report was presented by Kincannon on enrollment demographics, Belton ISD’s Food Truck update, Auto Tech Facility update, and Safety Tip Line
Kincannon said, “We have pushed it (Auto Tech) back to March 29 due to hitting a water main during construction.”
Pittenger mentioned there will be campus staff development on September 30 and students will have the day off.
Also, Pittenger thanked all those that made the special school board meeting possible at the Career Technology Education campus. He also recognized the support BISD showed during the Round Rock game after an athlete suffered an injury.
The school board recognized students, teachers and community members that have made a positive impact for Belton ISD. Noah Henry of Belton High School was once again recognized for his swimming achievements.
“We have only had three All-Americans at Belton,” said Pittenger “And of those times, two times was Noah Henry for the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association (NISCA) All-American.”
“Rotary Educator of the Month – Temple” was awarded to Lindsay Turner at Tarver Elementary and “Rotary Educator of the Quarter – Belton” to Tammy Duffey at Miller Heights Elementary. Both teachers will have the chance to attend a Rotary meeting and have a chance to talk to members.
This month’s “Big Red Community Partner’ was awarded to BBVA Compass and Kiella Homebuilders.
“Great community partners we appreciate you,” said Pittenger.
All items on the Consent Agenda were discussed and approved by the trustees.
The board approved the employment, resignation, and addition of district employees.
Executive Director of Human Resources, Todd Schiller said, “We are full. We have no positions left.”
Dr. Deanna Lovesmith, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction presented the 2016 State Accountability Report.
“We want to congratulate all campuses for meeting accountability standards,” said Lovesmith.
Considerations were discussed for the “Close Out of the Belton High School Roofing Project – Project A, Summer 2016” and the approval of the final payment.
Phil Haggerty, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services said, “We have a 20-year warranty on our membrane (on the roof). The construction cost of this project down from original estimate.”
The trustees approved to release final payment of project “A” and will proceed with the second project “B” to further repair the roof.
“We like on-time and under budget,” said Pittenger.
Pittenger made an announcement of the event “Meet Belton” for military families living in BISD will be at Harris Community Center on September 26. The event welcomes all military-connected families living in the Belton area.
Before the meeting concluded trustees met for a closed session.