School makes student success first priority

by / 0 Comments / 181 View / September 13, 2016

By Katherine Gibbs

Parents and their children met at Belton Early Childhood School on Sept. 1 for a parent learning session. BECS has been open for three years and enrollment has continued to grow.
“There is such a strong correlation with student success, we want to make that a priority here and bring our families in to work together and have discussions and just create a family-comfortable atmosphere here so we can support our kids learning,” family and community liaison Meredith Robinson said.
The sessions are more for the parents benefit, but they hope to offer childcare in the future so parents can get away from their families but they also want to make it interactive when parents bring their children.
“I was really excited to see that many families come,” said Robinson.
The sessions will be held monthly and is part of a district initiative to promote more family engagement.
They went through a quick slideshow on tips to help their children learn during the school year and played an ice breaker game to let the different parents get to know each other better.
“If the parents will support school education and Pre-K then I think that we can do big things,” Principal Sue Banfield said. “Pre-K has been proven to make a big difference in a child’s educational future. We can make a difference when they are four. At this age, what the parent values is what the child will value and we want them to value school.”