Shane Sibley made new Morgan’s Point Resort Fire Specialist

by / 0 Comments / 183 View / February 24, 2019

By Brianna Bullion, Correspondent



The Morgan’s Point Resort City Council held their monthly meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at the Morgan’s Point Resort City Hall. The council discussed a total of 13 items before adjourning the meeting to an executive session.



Agenda item 13, which was to honor new Fire Specialist Shane Sibley, was moved to the head of the discussion. Sibley was honored through a badge pinning ceremony which officially made him the new Morgan’s Point Resort Fire Specialist.



“I have worked for other Fire and EMS companies,” Sibley said. “And I am excited to be here.”



The council proceeded to discuss the action items on the agenda including the need to hold an election to elect a Mayor and five Council Members for the May 4 election date. The Council decided to hold the election on the proposed date.



The Council also decided to table a discussion for a Contract with the County Elections officer in Bell County. Additionally, the Council moved to hold elections for the Morgan’s Point Resort Library Committee.



The Council proceeded to discuss the items listed under discussion on the agenda. These items included job description changes of an existing city employee to include building inspector duties. The Council decided to elect Jay Montgomery to take on the new responsibility of building inspector for the city of Morgan’s Point Resort.



The Council then discussed a proposition to abandon a cul-de-sac on N. Archer Road after a resident purchases the property and builds a home. The Council’s priorities were made clear when Donna Hartman, Morgan’s Point Resort Mayor Pro-Tem, discussed her concerns for making sure that the Council’s decision would not negatively affect the residents of Morgan’s Point Resort.



“I just want to make sure that this is of no extra cost to the city,” Hartman said. “I don’t want there to be any inconvenience placed on any of the citizens of Morgan’s Point.”



The Council will be hosting a public hearing on abandoning the cul-de-sac once the property sale has been finalized.



The Council proceeded to discuss a public hearing request to rezone a property located on 46 Lake Forrest from residential to commercial. There will be a public hearing as requested.



The meeting continued with a report from the Active Auxiliary to discuss the current successes and the plan the Auxiliary has for the year.



Karen Stagner, President of the Active Auxiliary for the Morgan’s Point Resort Fire Department, attended the meeting as a representative for the Auxiliary.



“The Valentine’s Ball Saturday night was a success. Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported [the ball]” Stagner said. “The gross event income was $17,465 and the net event income was $11,423. So we did good and we can partner for more things with our Fire Department and First Responders.”