Sparta Elementary earns top ratings

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Published July 31, 2014

By Sydney Walter, The Belton Journal

Recently, Sparta Elementary School has been designated by the Texas Education Agency as a High Performing Rewards School and a High Progress Rewards School.
“These designations were created as part of the condition of the state’s waiver from the certain provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act, and they replace the previous designation of ‘Distinguished’ schools,” Public Relations Director Kyle DeBeer said. “High Performing Rewards Elementary Schools are those Title 1 schools with distinctions based on math and reading performance, and High Progress Rewards Schools are those in the top 25 percent in annual improvement or top 25 percent of those demonstrating the ability to close performance gaps.”
Thanks to the new guidelines for intervention, Sparta Elementary has been able to implement ways to make sure every student not only learns, but also excels in each subject in school.
Sparta doesn’t just casually address these new guidelines; they go above and beyond so that every student receives more than the regular education.
“We meet every three weeks to discuss student progress,” said Deena Cornblum, Principle of Sparta Elementary, “and from that, the teachers create intervention plans to address student needs.”
The teachers at Sparta Elementary are constantly talking about their students because they want to see them fully achieve what they are capable of, and due to the time and dedication they put into their work, their students are making huge progress.
Their work, however, does not stop once a student has met their goal. When a student finally masters that set goal, they are either taken out of intervention classes or the teacher works with the their student on setting another goal with a subject they might need work on.
Making sure the students are all receiving the best education is their main priority. While still teaching the standard curriculum, teachers go beyond that set standard and take these children to discover new aspects in learning.
Parents who have children who attend Sparta Elementary should be confident that their child is being well educated for their future school years and years beyond that.
When asked how she felt as the principle of Sparta Elementary about this achievement, Deena Cornblum said all the credit should go to the teachers.
“Their dedication and the time that they spend making sure our kids get what they need, to me is phenomenal, and so it makes me very proud because we have such dedicated teachers,” she said.