Spartacus Dash challenges Beltonians

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Published June 5, 2014

By Patrick Lacombe, Journal reporter

Fun in the sun, mud and ice was the order of the day at the Third Annual Spartacus Dash at Belton’s Confederate Park last Saturday.
Hosted by local Case Equipment dealer ASCO, the obstacle course/race was indeed a challenge to all of the participants.
The Dash was open to people of all ages and included fun obstacles such as the rope swing over Nolan Creek, dirt hills, a cargo net wall, ice bath and a zip-line over the creek.
The runners approached the finish line covered in mud from the “mud crawl,” which consisted of a pit of mud with a cargo net hanging just inches above their head as they crawled through about twenty feet of muck with only their heads sticking out of the pit.
According to ASCO Rental Manager Clay Weir, all proceeds go to benefit A Soldier’s Child Foundation.
The organization is a non-profit that takes military children who have  lost a parent due to combat and honor the memory of the parent by giving a meaningful gift to his/her children on their birthday.
The course was approximately 3 miles in length, and participants had the option of skipping certain obstacles if they chose not to attempt them.
“I love running,” Elissa Griffin, a 17-year-old high school student from Killeen, said. “My father is also running today and it gives us a chance to do fun things together.”
Elissa came in second in the female group.
“The zip-line was the scariest part of the course. I didn’t think I could do it but I made myself and I’m glad I did.”
Christian Watkins, a student from Rogers, was there with his grandparents.
“I ran a race last week in Waco, so I wanted to do this one.” Covered in mud from head to toe, he added, “The best part was the zip-line. I’d like to do that again.”
Most runners agreed that the hardest part of the race was the “Ice Bath.”
Runners had to jump into a 15-foot long tub filled 4-feet deep with water and ice.
Two pallets of ice were used to chill the waters, and as the sweaty participants hit the icy water, most let out a yell as they were chilled to the bone from the shock of the frigid temperatures.
As onlookers gathered at the ice bath exit, one runner jumped out the end of the tank and exclaimed, “Y’all should call this the sex change tank!”
Others exiting the tank couldn’t say anything, but the look on their faces were priceless.
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