St. Vincent’s De Paul: Making a difference one life at a time

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Special to the Journal



St. Vincent’s de Paul (SVDP) in Temple is certainly making a difference in the lives of the homeless and others in Central Texas.  Located at 106 West Ave D (corner of Ave D and South First), SVDP has been serving those in need for over 52 years and has helped numerous people. They also recently helped veterans in the newly Crossley Veterans Center by providing furniture to veterans who are purchasing a new home so they definitely believe in giving back to the community. 



There are many amazing things about St. Vincent’s but the most amazing aspect, is that it is primarily run with volunteers, many of whom are homeless. Despite their own personal challenges, the homeless  walk to the store daily from their outdoor make-shift shelters to assist in all types of meaningful work such as picking up and moving donated furniture, helping stock the shelves, stocking the food pantry and general maintenance.  Many have developed a bond with St. Vincent’s as they are treated with love, kindness and respect so they feel part of the St. Vincent’s family.  Caitlin West, manager of the Thrift Store, not only encourages them but also helps them find jobs in the community. 



SVDP operates a thrift store which offers a wide selection of gently used clothing, shoes, household items, furniture, appliances, and many more items. They also offer a Food Bank each Thursday from 8am-10:30am and serve about 100 families each week. On September 27, 2018, the day was designated as St. Vincent De Paul’s Day and all clothing was only 27 cents and over 3,000 pieces of clothing was sold. On October 31st, SVDP will offer a Halloween sale and all clothing will be 31 cents so be sure and mark it down on your calendar.



Many people drive by and never realize what a wonderful resource St. Vincent’s de Paul is, however, once they stop and see all the wonderful bargains that are available in the thrift store, it becomes a favorite place to shop and a wonderful place to donate your furniture, clothing, and household items as SVDP is a 501C3 non-profit so you can use the donation to save you money on your taxes. 


If you have furniture you wish to donate, you can arrange free pick-up by calling 254-773-7591. Remember, your donation is helping the homeless in our community. Several months ago, SVDP raised a very large American flag in front to honor veterans in our community so next time when you are driving north and see the big flag, be sure and stop. You won’t be disappointed that you did.