Stratasys shows youth how computer drafting helps manufacture parts

by / 0 Comments / 117 View / August 1, 2016

By Tony Adams
Sports Editor

Stratasys Direct Marketing, formerly know as Harvest Technologies, is a company that specializes in radid prototype design, three-dimensional computer-aided drafting (3D CAD), and the production of parts for multiple industries, such as the medical, aeronautic and aviation fields.
Stratasys held a “Take Your Children to Work Day” to show some of the youth in the Belton area what Stratasys does and how they help make some of the things that we take for granted on an everyday basis better.
Children were able to see how powder mixes were molded and baked into parts. They also got an opportunity to see how computers are used in the making of the parts.
The pictures should tell you the amount of information the children processed and the interest level was at a high, especially with those on summer vacation preparing to return back to school.IMG_5989