Strength and Conditioning Summer Camp draws big numbers

by / 0 Comments / 193 View / June 20, 2018

By David Tuma, Publisher

The summer offseason program started Monday (June 11) for the Belton Tigers athletes. Summer conditioning used to deal with just football players. In today’s world of overall sports, it is every sport male and female hitting the weights and running.
Varsity sports starts at 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. with girls and junior high starting at 8 a.m. There were 335 athletes the first day at Tiger Field in Belton. Each group spends an hour in the weight room and an hour conditioning in Belton.
The weight room has expanded with four additional power racks added to Bell County’s finest facility for high school athletes in Belton.
Key point for the various programs is the Tigers and Lady Tigers can work out 96 athletes at a time in the Belton Tigers weight room.
The training isn’t like the spring offseason workouts. It deals with staying in shape. They lift every two minutes over an hour. That is light offseason work.
“You want them to stay in shape but not burn them out. We want them to take a vacation. This isn’t like the spring. It doesn’t matter what sport you play you have to lift weights. Our soccer workouts are intense. Watch the NBA those guys are big. Bottom line, you have to keep up with Joneses to play 6A sports,” said Tigers head coach Sam Skidmore.
The summer workouts last six weeks. Taking your junior high athlete is important during these sessions. These sessions involve teaching and progressing on how to lift. It also is about getting in shape for the fall. “When we have freshman coming in this fall it makes a huge difference if we are not having to teach them how to lift,” said Skidmore. “The speed of the game has changed over the years. Staying in shape makes it safer in the fall. We train for the total athlete now. You start off with a higher frequency with high reps over a short time. By the end of the six weeks the weight is more and the reps less.”
“We had 330+ kids today (Monday) working out when you included both boy sessions and the one girl session,” Belton assistant athletic director Brian Cope said. “What an awesome way to start the summer. The goals that we have are to get our kids bigger, faster and stronger for the upcoming school year. It is not a sport-specific workout in the sense that you can’t do any football drills however all the drills that we do are designed to make our student athletes better in the fall, winter and spring.