Students of Belton High School bring out their creative sides

by / 0 Comments / 136 View / August 28, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

Summer is close to being over and back to school is right around the corner. Students might be dreading the start of the school year, but Belton High School knows how to kick off a great school year. On the morning of August 12, the Parent Teacher Student Association held a fundraiser that the students had a chance to participate in. The students got a chance to purchase and personalize a parking space for the upcoming school year. Tricia Mitchell, one of the assistant principals of Belton High, was excited to participate in this fundraiser. Mitchell has been a part of the Belton High staff for 22 years and loves watching students come together for an exciting fundraiser. The fundraiser is not only fun, but also goes towards great causes for the school.

“This is a big fundraiser for the students to kick off the school year. The PTSA provides the paints and the students come out here to paint their spaces. This fundraiser is meant to help provide things for teachers and staff. The fundraiser will go towards incentives such as supplies and scholarships,” said Mitchell.
Students painting their parking spaces has become an annual event for Belton High School. This is their third year doing this event and the students ecstatically come to customize their spot. Families of the students were welcome to come kick off the event as well. There was also food and music to add to the festivities. The students and families came prepared with water and canopies to paint their parking spot. This event brought excitement to everyone who participates in the fundraiser. Sharron Pender, PTSA officer, and volunteer was excited to see those come out to support.


“This is my first year participating and I think this is very awesome. The more who participate the better. Honestly, it is just truly awesome and great,” said Pender.
Although the beginning of the school year is not something that many look forward to, Belton High School brings in the school year with fun. The fundraiser brought in funds for the students and staff. This was a great way for the school to come together and show support for the high school. There will be other ways throughout the school year to show support. For more information on how to support Belton High School please contact (254) 215-2200.