Students get creative reserving parking spots

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By Lindsay Starr Platt

Students and their families gathered in the Belton High school parking lot on Aug. 27 to paint their reserved parking spots. The event was planned by the parent teacher student organization (PTSO) and is only the second year that they have held this event. Painting a parking spot was open to seniors, juniors and sophomores and costs $50.

Students and parents pick out their paints for their parking spots.

Students and parents pick out their paints for the parking spots.

PTSO President Anglea Fisher said, “We know that sophomores will be turning 16 this year so we went ahead and let them have a spot. As soon as they turn 16 they just need to come show us their license and they have to pay the school $30 regardless and that just lets them have their vehicle on campus. Then they just come and show us and then they can park in that spot.”
The PTSO organization was revived after it had gone away for a while so they have been looking to build it up. The money that they raise goes towards teacher luncheons and treats and student scholarships. As an incentive, they also give out gift cards to students and their parents with perfect attendance every nine weeks.
“We have been promoting it all year since last year kids got to see what it was all about and we had a total of 100 that we sold last year and we sold over 150 this year, so it’s expanded a lot,” assistant principal Sandy Garrett said.
All designs had to be approved beforehand and have to be within a 6×7 box. The event ran from 8 a.m. to noon but people were still out there after noon finishing up their designs. It took senior Alicia Harrington a while to pick her design before she decided on a donut. “I love donuts. I love them.”
Students got to pick their own spot, whether they wanted to be closer to the athletic building or closer to the school, it was their choice. The spots were chosen by seniority. “We have a lot of kids in dual credit, athletes, people that when they get here – even if it’s not on exactly the right time – they are going to have their spot reserved. It’s just been a great success,” said Garrett.
If students didn’t want to paint their spot, then they will paint a tiger paw print so they can still have their spot designated. “We paint some spots just for the PTSO and we’ll sell them the first couple of weeks if they didn’t buy one and they wanted a spot we can still sell them one,” said Fisher. Senior Keeryn Connell brought her mom to help her with her design. “I chose a flower because I thought of happy and open and spring because winters are terrible.”

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The event has been cancelled a few times before because there are some spots where water pools near some parking spots so it wouldn’t be fair to those students.
Senior Isabella Gerdes brought her friend Olivia Tovar to help her paint her parking space. When asked about why she picked flowers she said, “I just really like flowers,” as she laughed.

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