Sutter honored with award for dedication, sweetness

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Published June 12, 2014

By Devin Corbitt, News Editor

The students of Pirtle Elementary School are greeted by many smiling faces throughout their school day, but one smile often stands out from the rest.
As the children pass through the lunch line each day, Marian Sutter is sure to be there to greet each student by name.
“We have lots of wonderful cafeteria workers in BISD that are very dedicated to our kids,” Susan D’Amico, Director of School Nutrition at Pirtle Elementary, said. “Marian is just one of those people that exudes a caring attitude. We are so blessed to have her here.”
Sutter joined the Pirtle cafeteria staff as a cashier in 2003 and has been there ever since. According to D’Amico, she is one of the most dedicated staff members she’s ever met.
“The only time she’s missed work is when her husband died last year, and she came right back again,” D’Amico said. “She’s just a special person, a real sweet, happy person who is very dedicated and reliable and has a real loving attitude.”
For these reasons, Sutter was named Cashier of the Year at the Pirtle end-of-year party last month.
“We all sit down together and talk about who we want to select that year and how they are with the kids and if they’ve had any problems cashiering,” D’Amico said. “We try to select different people every year because we do have a lot of great cashiers. It’s based on their customer service, how they are with the kids, accuracy, things like that. It is very competitive.”
For the Nutrition supervisory staff, Sutter was the most deserving candidate this year.
“All the kids love her, and everyone on the staff at Pirtle loves her,” D’Amico said. “She’s just a real sweet lady, real sweet with the kids, always happy, always there.”
When told that she would be receiving the award, Sutter reacted just as anyone who knows her would expect.
“I was surprised, I’ll put it that way,” Sutter said. “But I was pleased that my co-workers think of me. I enjoy working with the students. There are a lot of them that appreciate what we do.”