Teachers begin moving into BISD’s newest elementary school

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Published Aug. 7, 2014
By Devin Corbitt

Teachers at the brand-new Chisholm Trail Elementary School began moving in and organizing their classrooms on Monday. The before empty hallways were filled with boxes and packing materials as teachers quickly got to work to have their classrooms finished before students arrive in just a few weeks.
“Teachers are excited to move in, but the building’s empty still until you get kids in here, so I think everybody is really excited about that,” Chisholm Trail Principal Calvin Itz said. “Most of our staff got to stay together, and we’re almost like a family, so I like to say we’re just in a new home. As far as the camaraderie, we have a really good team.”
The first grade teachers, who call themselves the Fantastic First, were among the most eager teachers to begin the school year in their new classrooms.
“I’m very excited,” first grade teacher Thais Cordero said. “I’ve never been in a brand new school. It’s very exciting and very overwhelming at the same time because you want to make everything as perfect as you can. I already want to know who my kids are and how I can help them. I just want to see the end of the year where I can compare the beginning and end of the year and how much they have grown. That’s the best part of teaching.”
Construction on the school began in May 2013. Coming in at 81,419 square feet, the building is designed to house grades K-5, with each grade getting its own hallway.
“Everything is about the kids: the lighting, the colors, the design; everything has a purpose and is well thought out,” Itz said. “It’s all that you could ask for and more. Safety wise, it’s huge. It’s wonderful because with everything being in the building, kids don’t have to go outside unless they’re going to recess, in other words they’re going to be taken outside by adults. Not all campuses have that luxury. It’s safe.”
Teachers are set to begin moving into North Belton Middle School next Monday.