Temple Civic Theatre hosts annual mother/son dance

by / 0 Comments / 147 View / May 21, 2016

By Emily West, Correspondent

This past Saturday, the Temple Civic Theatre held its Third Annual Mother Son Dance in support of their continued productions and ongoing mission “to produce theatre of the highest caliber, to enlist regional talent through open auditions, to educate youth and adults in all aspects of theatre, and to provide opportunities for and encourage participation by volunteers, thus enriching the artistic and cultural base of the communities of Central Texas.” Over 100 mothers and sons lined up to get into the dance, and the Civic Theatre’s staff was glad to welcome them.

“We put this on as one of our fundraisers and this year we maxed out,” said the theatre’s board member in attendance, dance chair Carrie Ling. The dance featured activities for the younger sons to enjoy, such as tables of LEGO bricks and other toys, as well as plenty of refreshments. In addition to an open dance floor and great music, there was also a magic show by Allen Lueck for those in attendance. “It was so sweet of my husband and son to do this for me,” commented Mara as she watched her son Ramón run around the dance floor. “My husband helped my son make the reservations to dinner and get the tickets here, so he’s been really proud of himself for doing it all without my help. It’s so precious, and I feel like I’m really raising a little gentleman.”

“Mother’s Day is something that everyone makes into a big deal,” laughed Amanda, mother of Hayden and Jack. “I used to think it was kind of silly to make a fuss about it, but now that I’m here, I really don’t mind. It’s really sweet to have my boys treat me like a lady instead of just their old mama, you know?”

“I love my mom because she always takes care of me,” said John, age seven, as his mother grinned proudly behind him. When asked if wearing a tie was worth making his momma happy, John paused to think for a very long time, then assented reluctantly. This sort of work with children is not unusual for the Temple Civic Theatre: they express strongly that they care for the youth in the area. “Children’s activities have always been of prime importance, with the theatre’s philosophy on youth participation being the integration of children and young people into the overall program.

In its early years, a children’s theatre day camp was conducted each summer. Later, a producing group of teenagers was added. Formal classes in creative drama, a traveling play for public schools using adult actors, and a youth production workshop in the summer have been included in past years.” The Mother Son Dance is no different: by challenging the young boys in the community to be gentlemen for the evening, the Theatre also does local mothers a service by giving them a fun-filled evening to enjoy with their boys.

For more information on Temple Civic Theatre, visit their website: http://www.artstemple.com