Texas Honey Queen graces local beekeepers

by / 0 Comments / 138 View / September 30, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

Local beekeepers in the community gathered together on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 14 at the Troy Community Center to hear a presentation given by Texas Honey Queen Megan Pettibon. The congregation of beekeepers began at 7 p.m. The guests attending the presentation were either new or curious about starting beekeeping, and eagerly awaited to receive new information and also to voice concerns about their own beehives.


Hope Pettibon acts as the official spokesperson for the Texas Beekeepers Association to promote all aspects of the Beekeeping Industry.

In her capacity as Texas Honey Queen and beekeeping advocate, Pettibon speaks to beekeepers all over Texas. Beekeeping is a hobby which welcomes all ages. Pettibon has done presentations for senior citizens and young children.
“I’ve been beekeeping for about 14 years and I really enjoy doing this work,” said Pettibon. “I like teaching others about a topic that maybe not many others know about. I truly love it and I love bees.”
The presentation was about beekeeping 101 and the importance that bees have in our economy and society. Bees work very hard to constantly pollinate flowers, and a beekeeper has to observe how the bees work in order to keep the bees from leaving their hives.
“The way bees pollinate is that they will find plants full of pollen and will go tell the other bees in their hive,” said Pettibon. “Those bees will go to the location of the plants and proceed to get their pollen. They carry the pollen on their legs and carry the pollen back to the hive.”
The beekeepers of the community also learned about the difference between collecting pollen and nectar.
“When a bee receives nectar from a plant they will store it in a special pouch located in their abdomen,” said Pettibon. “The bee will then take that nectar back to the hive and remove the nectar from the special pouch. Also, due to this being located in the abdomen of the bee it is often confused that honey is bee throw up and that is definitely not the case.”
The Texas Honey Queen continued the presentation to explain the importance of honey and all of the benefits honey has within our society. Honey can be used as skincare and also medicine. The guest present at the presentation received helpful information that will guide them on their beekeeping journeys.