Texas Lost Dogs chapter celebrates Awareness Day

by / 0 Comments / 189 View / April 7, 2019

Special to the Journal


On April 23, the U.S. will celebrate National Lost Dog Awareness Day (NLDAD).



This canine-focused awareness day was created by Lost Dogs of America to bring attention to the many dogs who go missing from their homes every day. We are proud that some local rescues and shelters use NLDAD as an opportunity to schedule events focused on lost dogs, such as discount microchipping. Shelters and rescues can download graphics to use at https://lostdogsofamerica.org/awareness-day/



National Lost Dog Awareness Day places a focus on lost pets and educates the public that most lost dogs don’t need a home, they just need to go home! An estimated 40 to 60% of “stray” animals in shelters are actually lost pets who need help to get back home. Lost Dogs of Texas is proud to promote NLDAD as part of our work to get more lost dogs home.



Lost Dogs of Texas, with the help of our partner Helping Lost Pets, has furnished over 60,000 free lost and found flyers to help lost dogs go home. You can find our nonprofit on Facebook, where we have an active community of over 70,000 followers. We do our work in the state of Texas, helping Texas dog owners, but there are many other “Lost Dogs” state Facebook pages also doing this work in a coalition with Lost Dogs of America, such as Lost Dogs Illinois and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin.



This is typical of the grateful owners we hear from every day: “Our beloved Princess was lost for six days! We didn’t think we would get her back. Two days after posting flyer from Lost Dogs of Texas we got a call and are forever grateful to the finder for taking good care of our beloved Princess and to everyone who shared our post.”



We recently started collaborating with shelters and Good Samaritans to trace microchips that have outdated owner information. This is a free service offered by nonprofit organizations allied with Lost Dogs America & HelpingLostPets.com. We located owners in 42% of our over 600 microchip cases. We consider this a highly effective way to get lost animals home and increase shelter Return to Owner rates. You can find more information at MicrochipHelp.com.



If you are a shelter or a brick and mortar rescue, request a free box of business cards with five things to do if you lose your dog. They are ideal for new adopters. Adopted dogs are at high risk to get lost in the first 30 days.