The City of Belton swears in Youth Advisory Council

by / 0 Comments / 170 View / September 7, 2018

By David Tuma, Publisher



The City of Belton’s Finance Department was recognized for the 26th consecutive year by the Government Finance Officers Association. Staff was presented the Distinguished Budget Presentation at the council meeting August 28.



Members of the Youth Advisory Commission were sworn in for the upcoming year. Students are charged with developing recommendations to the council that focus on Belton’s quality of life, community facility and service enhancements. The Youth Advisory Commission members sworn in were: Madden Baggerly, Amber Kunz, Hannah Odell, Bradin McDonald, Addison Ross, Gracie Krieg, Madison Jones, Jacob Jimenez and Maci Davis. City Attorney John Messer conducted with swearing in ceremony.



Kevin McCleish and Frances Fennessy were appointed to the Library Board. The Council approved an ordinance defining off-road vehicles and all-terrain vehicles. Off-road vehicle sales and service were approved for certain areas in downtown.



A change was made to Mesquite Road east of I-35. This road is a future road. The change approved moves Mesquite Road between Cedar Crest and the proposed Shanklin Crossing development. The Shanklin Crossing development was approved in 2009 and includes 164 acres of retail development.



Cedar Crest Hospital’s property has been in the area for decades. They planned to expand but the proposed property had not been plated for some reason long forgotten. The council approved a variance request to the perimeter street improvement/sidewalk requirement at an estimated cost of $418,000. They disapproved a variance request to the perimeter street improvement/sidewalk requirement estimated at $69,000.



The council tabled a decision on the final plat of South Wall Estates in the vicinity of Colette Court, north of E. Loop 121 due to parking concerns for residents. Parking plans seemed to be substantial enough to be approved, but the drawings presented were unclear.



The council approved a replat of the extension of West Avenue D to provide a second access point to Loop 121 for the Business Park. They approved a final plat of Hall Addition for commercial development with frontage on FM 1670. The council waved the sidewalk requirements and water pressure being lower than Belton’s standards. This property is in Belton’s ETJ and water is provided by Salado.



A new sign for the Belton Christian Youth Center was approved. The proposed sign will be visible to I-35. The 2023 Strategic Plan, proposed 2018 Property Tax Rate and 2019 Annual Budget will be presented at the September 11 council meeting. Belton’s fiscal year begins October 1.