The Harry & Barry Flag Pole acts as middle ground for The Belton Huddle Club to hand Tiger Seniors leadership torch

by / 0 Comments / 149 View / May 20, 2019


The Belton Tigers football team and Belton Tigers Huddle Club came together last Friday for what has become a tradition in recent years.
The Barry and Harry Wilson Flag Pole Ceremony, dedicated by players that battled under former Tiger head coach Jack Meredith in the late 1960’s, has been the common ground for the Tigers’ seniors-to-be and the Old Tigers in a passing of the accountability torch, of sorts.
Jay Taggart and a group of Tiger veterans spoke to the senior football players on their responsibility to play for their teammates and for the school.
Two noticeable members missing from the ceremony were longtime coach and former superintendent Joe Pirtle and Barry Wilson. Coach Pirtle passed away on Sunday following the ceremony, and Barry Wilson has been ill in the Houston area.
“When you represent your school on the football field, you represent everyone who has put a Tiger jersey on,” Taggart said. “You have the opportunity to leave 100 percent on the field.”
“When you put on the jersey, you have a responsibility to yourself, your teammates, and your school,” Belton head football coach Sam Skidmore said. “It extends well after graduation. It applies to when you join the workforce and become a father. You are accountable every day. It all starts on the football field.”