The Mental Edge places the community at top of mental game

by / 0 Comments / 267 View / August 7, 2020

By Cassidy Pate, News Editor

Whether you are competing, coaching, leading a team or working as an individual, a healthy mindset is something that takes time to train. For Brad Williams, owner of The Mental Edge: Leadership & Performance Consulting, the mental component is one of the most important but also overlooked factors in achieving consistent peak performances. 

When Williams found himself in a psychology class in college and later realized sports psychology was an available field of study, he changed his major from math and never looked back. Having played sports growing up, Williams had experienced what it meant to have your mind dictate your actions, and it has become his goal to coach people the necessary skills to overcome mental obstacles and perform at their best.

Williams focuses much of his consulting on leadership, team dynamics and the mental aspects of performance, including the improvement of confidence and motivation, sharpening focus or concentration, setting and achieving goals, managing energy and emotions, visualization and pre-game routines. He also provides a “how to” to help his clients get out of a performance slump, develop the mindset of a champion, make sure their thoughts are working for rather than against him/her, handle pressure and adversity and overcome fears.

Having worked as a Senior Performance Expert for the U.S. Army for over 11 years and a Psychology Instructor at the college level for over four years, bringing this elite level of knowledge and training to the Bell County community is something Williams is passionate about.

“To me, it’s exciting because I love this community; I love that I can pour into the kids and the great coaches here and help them discover more of what’s possible,” Williams said.

That being said, Williams said his outreach is universal and appeals to various populations. Through his work with business leaders and small businesses, Williams is able to help enhance the culture and climate of the workplace, develop leaders and improve productivity of employees. 

“What I love is these skills are skills that help us regardless of what we do everyday; they help us bring our A-game and be more consistent, and that all contributes to excellence,” Williams said. “I love being able to be part of a journey and being able to watch my clients grow and discover and figure out how they could be doing more.”

With his clientele being majority sports and business based, Williams is able to use his knowledge of the human psyche to strengthen the minds of anyone who works with him. This will be Williams’ third year as Belton ISD’s Mental Conditioning Consultant, working with Belton High School athletes and Lake Belton High School athletes starting this year.

Should a team request it, Williams will create mental training or team dynamic builders, and he also gives sessions on the various facets of mentality. With that, he often attends their games to observe the athletes’ and coaches’ behavior.

“Ideally, the goal would be that I can empower them with a new approach to how they train and some skills that they can adopt into their daily training, so if they choose to adopt those to create better habits they get to a point where they’re more self-sustaining,” Williams said. “They don’t need Coach Brad because they’re mentally stronger; they’re more composed; they’re more confident; they’re more focused.”

Additionally, Williams leads a seven-week leadership academy for a select number of BHS and LBHS students to improve their leadership skills on and off their designated sports fields.

When COVID-19 began to spread throughout the Belton community, Williams said he helped BHS seniors cope with their athletic seasons being cut short. He did so by advising them to reflect on all the good that happened during their careers and look forward to what the future could bring.

“It’s not new for me to talk to athletes about challenges,” Williams said. “COVID is another challenge, but what are you going to do with that challenge? Are you going to grow from the adversity, or are you going to let it hold you back?” 

Williams said that it is more important now than ever to take care of one’s mental health, as the uncertain times in the world have created new anxieties. However, Williams is confident that with his help one can reach his/her maximum potential.

“I want folks to reach their full potential; that’s my goal,” Williams said. “The skills that I coach, they can help an inconsistent person be more consistent, they can help a low-performing person up his or her game, and they can help a high-performing person raise the bar.”

For more information on the work Williams is doing through The Mental Edge or to make an appointment, visit his website at, or search @MentalEdgeTX on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.