The Misericord: Turn to Jesus

by / 0 Comments / 131 View / October 19, 2015

Ryan Kiblinger, FUMC

The Greek word that we translate into repentance is a compound word that literally means to ‘change one’s mind’.  When John came baptizing in the Jordan River, he came preaching a baptism of repentance.  In other words he came, preaching about the need to change one’s mind or to turn.  Most of us don’t really need someone to tell us what we need to change in our own lives.  We know the things that we do that aren’t right or good for us, and people pointing those things out doesn’t really help.  What we need is to not just turn from these things, but we need somewhere to turn.

We have no shortage of places and things that we have turned to to find meaning.  In our culture we turn to unhealthy relationships, alcohol and drugs, sports, food.  Just about anything that we think we can find satisfaction in that will make us feel better about who we are and what we can’t control in our lives and in our world.  I have a suggestion about a different place to turn.  I want to make a suggestion that many of need to ‘change our mind’ or repent, and turn to something, or Someone else.

Turn to Jesus.  Everything that we turn to for meaning and comfort in our lives will eventually let us down.  The 5th donut just doesn’t satisfy like the first.  The 5th relationship doesn’t seem to quite fill us or complete us like the movies say it will.  No, in fact, everything else in our lives are part of God’s Creation and are here for us to enjoy, but not for us to find our joy and satisfaction in.  Turn to Jesus.  There is nothing else that will satisfy like Jesus.

We ware all looking for meaning and for joy.  If that is you, I don’t want to be one to tell you what to turn from.  I think you can probably figure that out on your own, if you will be honest with yourself.  I just want to be one that tells you the good news of where to turn to.  Turn from whatever you need to let go of that never will satisfy and turn to the One who made your heart and gave you breath.  Turn to Jesus, and He will never disappoint and always satisfy.  His desire is that you would come to Him today.