Tigers fall to solid Garland Sachse squad in Class 6A Bi-Districts 2-0

by / 0 Comments / 105 View / April 7, 2016

By David Tuma, Publisher

It was the third time that Belton and Garland Sachse had met in the playoffs. Belton won last year. Sachse won 2-0 Thursday in a game in which the Mustangs were the veteran team.

Early Sachse relied on quick one-touch passes to dominate the first 12 minutes of the game. They scored a clean combination goal at 31:43 to go up 1-0.

They got away from pure soccer and it kept the Tigers in the match. Most of the game was grabbing and hitting from this point onward. From a ball movement standpoint Sachse was the stronger team this year.

Belton set up a header at 26:31 with Mario Mojica’s header well wide of the goal. Dawson White made an outstanding stop at 24:11. Austin Hagen added a stop at 19:30. Tyler Fischer had several steals in the midfield as the Tigers began to draw equal to Sachse in terms of ball control.

Roberto Diaz made an outstanding one-on-one stop at 15:29. Roberto Barrios set up a corner kick. Rameo Camur scored at 6:19 but a handball was called. The ball barely touched one of his fingers and didn’t redirect the ball. It was one of those calls that could have went the other way.

White made an outstanding stop off a rebounded shot. Varney Carter set up a corner kick. Fischer’s shot was stopped off the corner kick.

Camur was mugged and called for a foul. Second half of the first half was out of control.

Barrios setup Mario Mojica for a 15-yard clean shot on goal at 16:24 in the second half. Belton was down 1-0 for much of the game and had a chance to tie it.

Sachse stuck with one to touch passing and pure soccer this one is way over.

The two teams faced off seven years ago and they both were ranked in the top 10 nationally. One of the best pure, clean soccer matches in Tigers’ soccer program history. That game was a beauty to watch.

Chris Noble made an unreal stop at 14:20. Hagen was headed in the back of the head drew a call from side judge.

A defensive mistake set up a one-on-one Sachse converted with six minutes to play.

Sasche scored early but the Tigers kept the game in reach till the very end.

“[Sachse’s] ball skills were impressive. Very good team technically. I was proud of our team this year. We improved greatly over the course of the season. So many players new to varsity this year but these kids put in the effort. I don’t mind losing if the other team was better,” said Tiger head coach Cizo Mosnia.