Tigers’ Offense, Defense does solid work against Montgomery

by / 0 Comments / 91 View / September 7, 2015

By Tony Adams. Sports Editor

Belton and Montgomery battled to a 0-0 tie during the live portion of their scrimmage Friday night at Merrill Green Stadium, after the Tigers had posted a 14-10 edge in the controlled portion of the exercise.

Belton head coach Bob Shipley felt that little things kept the Tigers off the scoreboard during two 12-minute quarters.

“It was much better than when we scrimmaged them last year,” said Shipley, who’s in his second season at Belton. “I saw a lot of good things, and we didn’t get anybody hurt. We reduced the number of busts considerably. At times, we did not get on our blocks and we didn’t wrap up on defense.”

The Tigers open their season against Waco University this Saturday at 7 p.m. at Waco ISD Stadium.

“It’s the little things that we have to clean up. We don’t have the athleticism and quickness to be sloppy like we were at times tonight,” Shipley said. “We have to do things in a precise manner to be successful. I think the kids were just happy, at times, to be hitting something other than themselves.

Although they looked very strong in certain offensive and defensive aspects, they kept the assignments simple.

“We really didn’t do much to prepare for the scrimmage,” he said. “We put most of our effort into getting ready for the opener with University. They (Montgomery) put eight men in the box and dared us to throw the ball. In that situation, we needed to do a better job of taking advantage of throwing over the middle. Some of our throws weren’t on target and we have to beat the press coverage.”

Belton scored twice in the controlled portion of the scrimmage. The first on a 69-yard catch-and-go from quarterback Peyton Mansell to wide receiver Olajuwon Taylor and a 26-yard pump fake and pass from quarterback John Taggart to a leaping Deondre “Bubba” Marshall in the back corner of the end zone.

Robert Barrios kicked the first extra point for the Tigers. Kade Leblanc added the second one for Belton.

Belton ran 33 plays in the controlled session.

Offensive highlights include a 50-yard sprint by Davion Peoples on the first play, a 23-yard scramble by Peyton Mansell and a 15-yard pass over the middle from Mansell to Taylor.

Chris Jones and Carlton Shanks III made several good hits in the open field keep the Bears in check. The four defensive linemen kept the Bears’ rushing attack honest inside. Garrison Vaughn made a nice hit on a fourth down conversion attempt by Montgomery.