Tigers ready for homecoming tilt with Ellison

by / 0 Comments / 131 View / October 28, 2014

By Tony Adams
Sports Editor

The Belton Tigers’ football team, rested and healthier following a week off, had a chance to take some down time and assess the their season so far and game plan for the week ahead.
“We all had the weekend off after the Killeen game since we didn’t play the next week so that was good for everybody,” said Belton head coach Bob Shipley. “The kids and the coaches needed a few days to recharge their batteries.”
The off-week gave the team a chance to get a good look at what happened in district play this week.
“I was surprised at the high scoring game Cove and Midway had,” said Shipley. “I really think there is a lot of parity in this district but there were no big surprises to me.”
Ellison comes into town on a four-game losing streak and seems to have lapsed back into the same slump that plagued them for the past three seasons. They do bring a productive offense and good defense into the game.
“They have a balanced spread offense,” said Shipley. “They are averaging around 350 yards of offense a game. The have a good dual threat QB. They’re athletic and run out of a 4-3 defense.”
Belton brings a good rushing attack and solid passing attack against Ellison. Naturally, the running game with Kavan Johnson and Davion Peoples will need to be successful to make a dent in the defense before the Tigers can effectively establish the pass. Shane Stafford will need to be patient and work Coby Potvin, Brandon Rhoads and Bryce Thomas in effectively.
“Our success offensively always comes down to our ability to run the ball,” said Shipley. “We’ve done a pretty good job of that the past two games. We’ll certainly need to run it well Friday.”
Ellison brings a good two-way attack into the game. Carl Robinson III is a good QB and they have a decent running back tandem. Tevin Jones, Ryan Johnson and company will have to keep a watchful eye on things.
“We have to stop their backs,” Shipley said. “Razzi Brooks and Kenny Arnold have done a good job from their RB position and Carl Robinson is a good dual threat QB. Just as we have to be able to run the ball, we must stop their running game as well.”