Tigers win Midway Invitational Powerlifting Meet, Lady Tigers place second

by / 0 Comments / 108 View / January 17, 2018

The second meet of Belton Powerlifting’s 2018 season took place last Thursday at Midway High School in Hewitt.
The Tigers took first place with 52 points, collecting five first-place finishes, two second-place finishes, two third-place finishes and a fifth-place finish. The Tigers finished 13 points in front of Waco (39), 21 in front of Copperas Cove (31), 27 in front of Temple (25), 28 in from of Midway (24) and 45 points in front of University.
Here were the Tigers’ placements in Hewitt:
114: Tristan Pierce, first place (210-lb. squat, 115-lb. bench press, 220-lb. deadlift, 545-lb. total).
123: Max Castelli, second place (280-160-310=750), and Kyle Gascon, fifth place (295-125-260=680).
132: Brent Wheeler, first place (340-180-325=680), and Nathan Hunt, fourth place (220-140-275=635).
148: Christian Castillo, first place (390-215-380=985), Patrick Frazho, second place (365-205-380=950), Cameron Parker, third place (360-220-350=930), and Gerald Fountain, fourth place (250-155-325=730).
165: Devyn Raper, fifth place (360-255-400=1,015), and Samuel Garcia, sixth place (300-250-375=925).
181: Keaton Kaulfus, fourth place (345-225-320=890).
198: Randy Schoolcraft, sixth place (360-210-325=895), and Malik Jackson, eighth place (305-180-300=785).
220: Devin Martinez, second place (440-275-440=1,155), Jawaun Howard, third place (410-315-410=1,135), Devon Taplin, fourth place (430-275-420=1,125), and Garrett Orange, eighth place (380-235-400=1,015).
242: Arturo Jaimes, first place (560-315-600=1,475).
275: Sidney Sherwood, first place (515-350-420=1,285).

The Lady Tigers took second at Midway with 40 points, based on three first-place finishes, two second-place finishes, two third-place finishes, a fourth-place finish and a fifth-place finish. Belton finished nine points behind Copperas Cove (49), while they finished 14 points ahead of Midway (26), 16 points ahead of Temple (40), 32 points ahead of Moody (8) and 40 points ahead of University.
Here were the Lady Tigers finishes:
105: Jade Crowell, first place (110-lb. squat, 75-lb. bench press, 135-lb. deadlift, 320-lb. total).
114: Stephanie Sanders, fifth place (150-85-185=420).
123: Jaci Cauble, first place (250-125-235=610).
132: Sela Anderson, third place (215-80-250=545).
148: Christen Paslay, second place (235-135-255=625), and Kyndall Carroll, fourth place (225-85-220=530).
165: Rylee Pratt, third place (225-90-240=555).
220: Betty Hernandez, first place (285-120-280=685), and Bethany Sherwood, second place (265-135-280=650).
259: Je’rece Justice, first place (355-175-280=810).
259+: Angela Ferrer, third place (155-115-160=430).
The Tigers and Lady Tigers play host to the 2018 Belton Invitational Meet at the Belton 9th Grade Center on Saturday at 8 a.m.