Tigers withstand blustery night to down Copperas Cove 2-0

by / 0 Comments / 139 View / March 7, 2016

By David Tuma, Publisher

It wasn’t pretty, but the Tigers will take the win. Belton edged Copperas Cove 2-0 in a cold, windy game at Wilson-Kerzee Field Tuesday.
Cove with a strong wind in the first half and got off some shots on goal. Tiger goalie Chris Noble made four or five brilliant saves to keep the Tigers in the chase for the district championship.
Roberto Barrios hit a crossing shot to start the game. Tyler Fisher had several steals early from the midfield. Cove drove repeatedly down the right side. Ethan Trevino got the first of multiple stops in the game about five minutes in.
Belton had their first good chance of the game, but Barrios was tackled hard with the ball not touched. Belton was called for a foul at the top of the box drawing a reaction from the crowd right after Barrios was mugged.  Noble made a great save after the ball got past the line of players trying to block the free kick. Trevino made a stop.
Lorenzo Gherardi and Varney Carter where driving to score but were called offsides. The Tigers set a world record on offside’s in one game.
Fisher hit a crossing pass, Austin Hagen had a stop on defense and Trevino had another stop.
Carter passed off to Romeo Camur, who struck the game-winning shot to make it 1-0.
The Tigers were much improved in not holding the ball too long. Their passes and coordination were what they should be at this point in the season. Cove, with a new coach, is much improved. Front to back, this Cove team is not what the Tigers have seen over the past 20-years.
Noble blocked a shot, got up and blocked the rebounded shot. One of the best saves in a long time. Noble played one of the best games in the goal Belton has seen in awhile.
Camur drew a free kick top of the box and Barrios scored on the free kick. The ball was past the line and a player went in and kicked into the back of the net. The sideline judge, who was watching the player and not the ball, called offsides when the ball was past the line. It was just over the line slow rolling.
Kade LeBlanc had a shot blocked, setting up a corner kick. LeBlanc passed to Carter, whose shot was blocked to start the second half. Mario Mojica hit a crossing pass in front of the goal, setting up a corner kick.
Mojica got past the defense but was called offsides. He beat the player drove past him and was called offsides with the ball. Fisher and sets up LeBlanc who scored to put the game out of reach at 2-0. Hagen drove and almost scored. A diving goalie made a brilliant stop of Hagen’s shot. Barrios hit a cross that was headed by Ethan Evelyn that went wide. Camur’s shot was just over the bar. Le Blanc’s shot was blocked.
Cove’s back line was playing way up and tended to move up. Many of the offside calls were legit. Some of the Tigers were offsides weren’t called. Multiple missed calls when they weren’t.
On Friday, the Tigers rolled to an 8-3 win over Shoemaker. Hagen scored twice and Gherardi three times.