Touch of Class sits atop U.K. smooth jazz charts

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By Cassidy Pate, News Editor


Belton based band Touch of Class is topping the smooth jazz charts in the U.K. with their remake of Petula Clark’s “I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love.” Ranked number one on “TheMothFM Top 10” and climbing to number two on “RVRadio Top 10” charts, the group of three is not only being recognized for their smooth jazz, but also challenging artists from around the world.


Touch of Class was formed 20 years ago by husband and wife duo Richard and TerryLynn Schrimsher. Their friend, Dr. Kirk Fischer, joined 12 years ago, so when DrGlyn, Creator of The Moth FM (smooth jazz radio) in the U.K., commissioned them to do a remake for his record label – Polyphemus Records – they could not resist.


“We have always been musicians; Kirk was a musician in high school and college, he was a traveling musician, so was Richard – that was his livelihood for a long time – I always did it on the side, and Richard and I actually met making a record at Willie Nelson’s studio in Austin,” TerryLynn said. “So, we’ve done a lot of stuff over the years together in music.”


From performing at various Walmart locations across the U.S. to playing around Central Texas, Touch of Class is excited to be embarking on a worldwide journey.


“I became a vendor for our distributor, and we went to like five states I think, and we went to all of these different Walmarts doing shows and selling CDs and signing autographs, so we’ve done a lot over the years, but this is a new adventure,” TerryLynn said.


Because Touch of Class is not a full-time profession for its members, the time they spend making music together is all the more special.


“Music’s probably not gonna dominate our lives – our jobs and our families will – but we like being able to go record and create and then having it well received; that’s a lot,” she said. “We all jive pretty well together, so that’s a good thing.”


“Well received” is an understatement, as their single has been played approximately seven thousand times in one week on SoundCloud.


The band proves to be a group effort, as TerryLynn sings lead, harmonies and plays the acoustic guitar, Richard plays the drums, sings lead and harmonies, and Dr. Fischer plays keyboard, bass and sings harmonies, while also managing the technological aspect of their music.


Dr. Fischer was the sole arranger of their chart-topping remake, which took a “peppy” version of the song and made it into a more laidback, sultry, smooth jazz version. TerryLynn said his knowledge of the digital aspect of music is what makes him one of the smartest keyboard players in Central Texas.


“So, what DrGlyn is talking about doing – I think the next song we’re gonna be working on is ‘Time of the Season,’ and Kirk’s working on the arrangements now – but what DrGlyn has mentioned to be me before is he’d like for us to keep doing singles and then make an album at the end,” TerryLynn said in regard to the band’s future.


Concerning their live perforamnces, the majority of their set is cover songs because, TerryLynn said, audiences enjoy hearing songs they know that will spark their memories.


“We’re pretty dedicated to the tunes that we love that we think the audience will love that many bands don’t play,” TerryLynn said. “I love Belton, and I love what we’re doing with live entertainment.”


Touch of Class will be performing from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 25 at the courtyard outside of The Gin at Nolan Creek in Belton. The band also puts on live performances for the Stardust Ballroom Dance Club at In the Mood Ballroom in Temple, private parties and anniversary celebrations.


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