TXE Pole Vaulting EXPO VII Explosion: In The Dome

by / 0 Comments / 670 View / January 17, 2016

By Tony Adams, Sports Editor

The Texas Elite Pole Vaulting (TXE) held their Expo VII Explosion: In The Dome event at the Bell County Expo Center last Saturday.

Many of the area, state and country’s best pole vaulters converged on the Expo and from the start of the day, impressed the crowd.

The highest flyer of the bunch was Canadian pole vaulter Shawn Barber, competing in the Elite Open Men division. Hitting a vault of 5.88 meters (19 feet 4 inches), he set the meet record.

Belton Lady Tiger pole vault specialist Claire Woodson and Central Texas Christian School Lions’ pole vault specialist Luke Littlefield were two local participants in the event. Woodson, participating in the Elite High School Girls Division, finished tied for fifth overall, clearing a height of 11’4”.

“I think I did pretty well today, considering it is the first time that in a few months that I have pole vaulted,” Woodson said. “I just wanted to come in here with a positive attitude, compete and make the changed that I needed to make.
Woodson placed well in a division that was full of talented vaulters.

“I thought it was a competitive division, with a couple of the girls jumping 13 feet in their,” Woodson said. “There are a few state champions jumping in this division, so I was very happy with how I placed.”
Littlefield finished tied for fifth overall in the Elite High School Boys division, clearing a height of 14’4”.

With this being an Olympic year in 2016, many of the vaulters are looking to improve their vault heights. Barber will certainly improve his positioning for the Canadian trials. Others will have their opportunities over the next several weeks.

Here were the top three finishers in each division:
Elite Open Women: Demi Payne (4.29m), Becky Holiday (4.27m) and Kayla Caldwell (3.99m).
Elite Open Men: Shawn Barber (5.88m), Sam Kendricks (5.58m) and Logan Cunningham (5.43m).
Masters Women: Jane Hemby (6’4)
Masters Men Group 1: Eric Jorgenson (12’7), Jessie Shoemaker (12’3) and Brad McFarling (11’9.75).
Masters Men Group 2: Bubba Sparks (10’10), Humberto Valdez (10’4) and Gary Scheffe (9’10).
Elite High School Boys: Riley Richards (16’4), Peton Weissmann (15’10) and Noah Sewll (15’4).
Elite High School Girls: Avery Stuchell (13’1.5), Kendahl Shue, Anna Cathryn Griffith and Emily Mallet (11’10).
Open Women: Mackenzie West (11’4), Hannah Callaway (10’10), Raquel Porter and Heather Shaffer (10’4).
Open Men: Garrett Larson (5.26m), Avery Jones (4.96), Jacob Ulbricht, Bryce Martin, Mikel Carter and Carlton Hunter (4.66m).
Future Elite Girls (Beginners): Clare Bridgewater (9’10), Katy Goodwin (9’4), Lindsey Carr and Katarina Fredenthal (8’10).
Future Elite Boys (Beginners): Zane Grimm (11’4), Hagen Johnson (11’4), Mayson Bray (9’10).
Intermediate Girls: Jaisan Avery (9’10), Kayla Buskirk, Kyndal Payne, Jacklyn Schumann and Avery Onan (9’4).
Intermediate Boys: Jack Reilly (12’10), Haydn Hammerschmidt (11’10), Chance Ueckert, Ethan Feleciano and Zachary Miller (11’4).
High School Girls Group 1: Ashton Moon (11’6), Lauren Labay (10’10), Brooke Story, Hannah Newman, Kayla Cecil and Riley Floerke (10’4).
High School Girls Group 2: Megan Fitzgerald and Chloe Wall (11’4), Jonesy Chauvot (10’10).
High School Girls Group 3: Kenna Calliham (11’2), Missy Horn (10’10), Tiffani Peacock and Rebeca Ralston (10’4).
High School Boys Group 1: Brandon Stokes and Christian Cannon (14’10), Chad Horstman and Sunne Rodriguez (14’4).
High School Boys Group 2: Robert Wood (13’10), Tyler Stafford, Garrett Uhl and Spence Maples (13’4).
High School Boys Group 3: Branson Ellis and JT Herrscher (13’4), Ben Davis, Taylor McCormick and Cody Bullard (12’10).
High School Boys Group 4: Ashton Ford (12’4), Sean McClellan (12’10), Elijah Brown and Joey Hulsey (11’10).
High School Boys Group 5: Phillip Caseres Jr. (13’10), Brock Waldrop (13’4), Max Anthony, Brandon De La Fuente, Tyler Anderson and Trivett Jones (12’10).