UMHB hosts 4-day nursing camp for students

by / 0 Comments / 307 View / June 25, 2013

The Scott & White College of Nursing at UMHB conducted a four-day summer nursing camp for high school juniors and seniors June 9-13. This was a multifaceted summer in-residence program, the only such nursing camp in Texas. An in-residence program means that the students live on the campus for the duration of the camp.

The participants were introduced to academics, faith learning and healing, campus life and CRU traditions.

The 13 students who enrolled in the program came from various places in Texas to experience the first endeavor of this type at the UMHB nursing center. “But,” added Kelda McMullen-Fix, camp coordinator, “we hope this will become an annual event.”

The idea stemmed from Baylor’s engineering camps.

“We saw the engineering school at Baylor offering summer camps. We thought we could do a nursing camp at our new facility,” stated coordinator Tracy Booth. “The goal of the summer camp was to promote the nursing profession and capture these students’ interest early. The in-resident program also gave them a college experience with dorm living and student union activities and meals.”

Fix and Booth elected to focus this camp on the cardio vascular system. They felt the specificity of studying one body system would be of more value than a brief overview of the entire human body. The first day of camp was devoted to a general picture of the profession including some history and nursing qualifications.

“This camp promoted and reinforced health education as part of a nursing career, but we also wanted to give the kids a real life college experience, what it is like to be a college student at UMHB,” said Booth.

In addition to a live college experience, the students spent the final day making cardio assessments and utilizing the mannequin simulator in the simulation hospital, a state of the art learning environment.

“This camp gave the students an idea of what they are to look for to be fully invested in their careers,” Fix said. “We simply want to promote nursing education and the profession of nursing.”

The Isabelle Rutherford Meyer nursing education center was opened to its first class in January, and dedicated by the school in February. The Meyer family, who also contributed to the Christian Learning Center, gave the lead gift for the nursing center at UMHB honoring Isabelle Rutherford Meyer, herself a registered nurse. Jane Meyer, Rutherford Meyer’s daughter-in-law, married to deceased son, Paul (2009), wanted to recognize Rutherford Meyer for her commitment to caring for the needs of others.