UMHB Welcome Week prepares freshmen

by / 0 Comments / 141 View / September 3, 2015

By Caleb Mynett, The Belton Journal

As August ends and school begins, everyone prepares for the months of studying and learning they have in store. Back to school shopping begins, and people adjust their sleep schedules to prepare for the year ahead.

However, for University of Mary-Hardin-Baylor freshman, move-in week isn’t preparation for the long hours of studying. Welcome Week, as they call it, is rather a week of fun to prepare students for the college experience ahead of them. From meeting the president, to competitions, to concerts, the freshmen have been shown what college has to offer them at UMHB. Welcome Week has also given the new students a chance to expand their horizons and meet their fellow classmates.

“Honestly, the best part about Welcome Week has been all the new people I’ve had the ability to meet,” said incoming UMHB freshman Dylan Jones. “I’ve made a bunch of wonderful friends in just two short days, and that’s really cool to already know a lot of people so quickly. I’ve loved Welcome Week so far!”

With the main goal of Welcome Week being for students to be able to make friends, it’s an integral part of the opening of anyone’s college experience. At a small university like UMHB, it’s important for the student body to become like a family. Welcome Week allows students to step out of their comfort zone of what their typical friend group would be and meet a bunch of new people.

“Since I’m from Belton, I have a way I think of the community and have for many years now,” said incoming UMHB freshman Matt McKinnon. “Welcome Week is helping me see that on the campus, it’s completely different than how I viewed Belton in high school. I’m in the town I grew up in, but it feels different with all the new people I’ve met.”

With each day offering something new, there is plenty of opportunity for students to meet one another at many of the events. On Wednesday, the students met Randy O’Rear, President of Mary-Hardin Baylor. On Thursday, the students competed in team based competitions in what they call the Color War. On Friday, the students competed in the Crusader Cup, a series of minute-to-win-it style games, as well as a concert. Then last but not least, on Saturday the students had a party in the Quad, as well as another concert.

“My favorite event was probably the concert by Colony House on Friday, but then again I’m a bit biased with my interests,” said McKinnon, a music major.

The week showed promise for the future to the incoming freshman at Mary-Hardin Baylor.

“It’s nice to know that I am not only going to get a good education, but it will be lots of fun,” said McKinnon.