VFW Post 4008 holds first responders’ appreciation luncheon

by / 0 Comments / 74 View / August 13, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

On the morning of July 29, there was a first responders’ appreciation luncheon held at VFW Post 4008. This luncheon was held to show community support for the dispatchers located in the Bell County area. Dispatchers and their families attended the luncheon to show their appreciation and enjoy free food in the process.
Jessica Rozas, the president and coordinator, is appreciative of the support that they receive from the community. These luncheons started last year and they will continue annually from now on.
“The luncheon started last year because of the police altercations that happened last year. We wanted to show the dispatchers of the community our support especially After the incident of the Dallas shootings last year. Dispatchers and their families are welcome to take some time off and enjoy some food. We just want to let them know we are here for them,” said Rozas.
The VFW has many events to support the Bell County community. Gary Leofsky, commander, and member enjoys the support that the organization gives out to the community.
“We do many things to show support for the community. We don’t just sit around and talk to veterans all day. This event today is just to show that we are in full support,” said Leofsky.
The dispatchers of the community attended the luncheon and appreciated the support that the community offered. Bobby Castillo, Investigator for the traffic section for the Killeen Police Department, highly appreciated the VFW for having the luncheon.
“I am here to show my support for what we stand for and the things we do. In the media, we are not shown in the greatest light and it is very good to know that there are citizens that see us in a good light. We support the community and we just want them to support us as well. Working can become disheartening and events like this is a reminder of the reason to continuing doing our work. Plus, I get to enjoy some good free food,” said Castillo.
The first responders’ appreciation luncheon was full of great food and showed the dispatchers of the community that there is a community that supports their work. The dispatchers of the community deserve to be showed appreciation for their hard work for the community. The VFW post 4008 has many events to show their support Bell County. For more information about such events please contact (254) 939-7159.