Warm and Sunny

by / 0 Comments / 86 View / February 28, 2014

Written by Patrick Lacombe

After many weeks of cold, rainy, icy weather, we finally got a break this weekend with plenty of sunshine. My wife and I have had cabin fever for the past couple of months, so we wanted to enjoy the outdoors as much as we could while the weather holds out.

Saturday morning we headed to the Lake Belton dam overlook adjacent to Miller Springs Park. It was such a beautiful sight to see the sun reflecting off the lake and people out enjoying themselves after hibernating for weeks due to the bitter cold. Six sailboats were making their way across the lake peacefully gliding in the light wind. I’ve never sailed before, but this looks like a fun activity, and I would like to try it someday.

We then headed across the road to the Miller Springs nature center. There is 260 acres of hiking area and 40 foot high bluffs. You can hike all the way down to the Leon River, but I must tell you, the hike back up to the parking area is pretty steep, so take plenty of water and a nice walking stick to help you keep your balance on the rocky trails.

For lunch, we headed to downtown Belton and had lunch at Coronas De Oro overlooking beautiful Nolan Creek. We sat on the deck and watched the kids playing on the rocks below the bandstand area. After eating, we walked next door and bought each a cup of frozen yogurt. We strolled lazily down to the creek and sat on the bank watching the ducks swimming in the water below.

We then walked past the courthouse and visited the antique shops on Central Avenue. We had a lot of fun looking at items that were common in our homes when we were kids. I guess that makes me an antique also. I prefer the term “seasoned citizen” instead of “senior citizen or elderly.” By then it was after three so we drove to Salado to pick up our granddaughter Rylee for a sleepover. We were tired from the days’ activities, but there is always time for a grandbaby.

When we arrived at home, Rylee played outside for a while but soon it was time for her to eat. She loves playing outdoors but when she gets tired of it, she likes to watch her favorite TV show while coloring on her little table. Overall, it was a great day and we were so thankful for the nice weather and time with our granddaughter.

Bell County has so many wonderful treasures to discover. Natural or manmade, there is always something to do in the Central Texas area. I feel truly blessed to live here. I pray that the bitter cold is over and that the wildflowers will soon start to bloom. You can actually see peoples’ spirits pick up in the spring and everything comes alive. Have a great weekend and may God bless!