Weekly Ramblings

by / 0 Comments / 73 View / August 29, 2016

By Mark Magnan

What a great time to live. It used to be that you had to be part mechanic to steal a car, you needed to “hotwire” a car with a few tools. Now it seems that you have to be fairly computer savvy to do this, actually needing some programming skills to get into the system to complete the heist. I am sure that there are a lot of “old school” car thieves that are out of work, or resorting to stealing bicycles for a living. Of course this new technology is better for the owner as well, some cars just require you to be near the car to open a door, no need to fumble with a key any longer.
Speaking of technology, I have downloaded a new “keyboard” for my fruit phone. And by keyboard I mean it is just an app that is different from the standard keyboard that comes with the phone. It is a bit easier to use than the original one, it offers suggestions so you don’t actually have to type the complete word out, and it corrects your spelling. Hence my issue with the keyboard. I am a professional, I can type well, even on a near microscopic set of keys. I usually will type out the complete word and not use the suggestions, I can’t imagine being in such a hurry to text or write someone that I can’t actually write out the complete word or use the neanderthal abbreviations that some folks use. I am quite proficient at spelling as well, although I probably would get my derriere kicked in a spelling bee by a sixth grader. However I don’t need this keyboard app trying to tell me how to spell. It has a serious time offering spellings for some names or proper case words. There are common abbreviations that it will not accept regardless, almost resulting in me throwing my expensive phone in the trash because it thinks it knows how to spell better than I do. On the flip side, I was in the back of a very rough riding truck the other day attempting to type something out. I was doing a horrible job, and yet the app seemed to know what I was thinking and corrected every word perfectly, even though some words didn’t contain one single correct letter.
Have you ever received a text on your phone from someone you know that speaks well and usually communicates clearly, yet there is no way you can make out what they wrote? I have had a few of those, I try a combination of words or even entire phrases to replace their gibberish and there is no way it will ever make sense. I have just given up on a few of those, somehow it is just lost in the vast text waste land.
Back to automobiles, it is amazing that we have music that is broadcast down to Earth from outer space. I know that satellites are not new at all, however it still intrigues me as to how the satellites follows my truck all around keeping my music flowing uninterrupted. And for the most part I can find music that I like, even if I have eclectic musical tastes. The one drawback is that it tends to vanish when you get underneath something or go through a tunnel, much like old AM radio did. Of course this just challenges my ability to continue to sing the song, out loud, until the radio joins back in. I have to say that I am extremely accurate and am rarely off from the original song.
When was the last time that you had a set of batteries go bad inside of a flashlight? How often do you need a flashlight for a power outage? With the reliability of the power grid these days the times of regular power outages are no more. It is good because we rely so much on electricity these days, I mean you can’t even get online without electrical current flowing through your modem. The flashlights of today don’t really use much energy, so a small set of batteries will last several years. I have the appropriately placed flashlights throughout the house, yet it is rare that I need one. Usually because I drop something and it rolls under a chair or end table.
There are a lot of good and bad things these days. Like a phone that follows you are and you are always in touch, that is both, depending on the day. Enjoy the week and see what is positive that was not here when your grandparents were your age.