What the Belton Journal is thankful for, 2017 edition

by / 0 Comments / 98 View / November 22, 2017

David Tuma, Publisher
I have always said Belton is just an awesome place to live. It is the reason I have stayed here all these year.
Watching people get out and support Al Maxwell was heart warming. Right or wrong, he got support. BISD has benefited so much for being associated with Belton residents. What I am grateful for is getting to know Maxwell all these years.
We all make mistakes. I don’t know the facts and it is a mess. We live in an awesome place. It is the reason why I call Belton my home. Always will and I am a BELTON Tiger. What I am grateful for is all these young men who include me in their group of Tiger football players. Walking up to me at the convenience store and the parking lot of the grocery store. How many times their smiles have lit up my day and warmed my heart.
I have heard it so many times, don’t leave, I need to talk to you. You can’t turn your back on that.

Tony Adams, Sports Editor
I am thankful to serve a great community with traditional values. We may not always see eye-to-eye on things…which at 5-6 is a challenge anyway…but I appreciate having a career that I can be proud of, working for a great newspaper group and can be of service to Belton. I am thankful for my friends and family, as well as my colleagues here at The Belton Journal. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor
My girls. They make me want to be a better human being. More patient, more kind, more loving, more forgiving. I constantly strive to be a good role model for them and someone they will always be proud to call their mom.
My best friend, partner in crime, and the man who does my dishes, my boyfriend Marc. No one will ever know me the way that he does, and yet he loves me anyway.
My mom, who never lets me doubt a moment how proud of me she is. I would not be the person I am today without her support and love, and I live every day hoping that I am making her proud. I know you’re reading this with a tear rolling down your cheek.. I love you.
And last but not least, Jojo.. anyone who really knows me, knows that I have an unhealthy attachment to my furbaby. She shows me unconditional love and provides a sense of calm when I need it most.

Darci Gillespey, Account Representative
My children, and each and every moment I spend with them, getting to watch them grow… they are my reason for living. My bonus kids, they keep me laughing and on my toes… I’m so blessed to be allowed to become a part of their lives.
My spouse, his love for me even on my difficult days and the different ways he challenges me every almost every single day. I admire his commitment and how hard he works to provide for our beautifully crazy blended family. I couldn’t imagine life without him.
Thankful for being employed, and my wonderful co-workers that have become my family. Not everyone is so blessed.
Thankful for the challenges and setbacks I am facing. It demonstrates how resilient I really am, even if I don’t always believe it.
Thankful for good health, and the health of my loved ones.
My furbabies, who show me unconditional love no matter my mood.
Thankful for a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in at night, food to eat and water to drink.
Thankful for life; for every breath, every moment, every day, because you’re not guaranteed the next… I am truly blessed and thankful!

Josh Rivera, Graphic Designer
1. I am thankful for that time I was accompanied by a friend when I drove a sketchy family home one night. They were about twenty minutes away when we ran into them, who were asking us for help. We only really did it because they had a young, pregnant woman with them. It was a little over ten degrees that night, with a foot of snow already on the ground. I’m also thankful they didn’t mug me afterward, as was their reputation.
2. I am thankful for those times in Austin when I walked from downtown to my apartment in the middle of the night, and didn’t encounter any trouble.
3. I am thankful for those mornings where I got to hang out with Jim Murray after the graveyard shift. He never took me fishing, but we did spend a lot of time staring at the ocean just as the sun was rising.
4. I am thankful for the time I offhandedly mentioned I owned a Sega Dreamcast in gym class back in 2001. That led me into a small circle of nerds who would becomes friends of mine to this day. Now, all besides two of us (myself included) have kids of their own to share their video games with.
5. I am thankful for making the decision to play with a demo of Adobe Photoshop in 2000. That was the first fork in the road that led me to here.
6. I am thankful for Robert Brookes, Svetlana Rudakovskaya and my mother for stepping up at my most dire time of need. That was the second fork in the road that led me to here.
7. I am thankful for Joshua Yearwood being friendly to David Tuma and Robin Doyal at a Radio Shack one day. That was the third fork in the road that led me to here.
8. I am thankful for the fact that pictures of macaroni and cheese have a calming effect on me.
9. I am thankful for the winter because it’s the only opportunity for me to wear coats in Texas.
10. I am thankful for my grandmother, who still sends me care packages of coffee and cookies every other month.

Mellonie Caffy, Account Representative
I’m thankful for all the blessings that God has given me. Some of the ones I’m most thankful for are:
My family. God has blessed me with a wonderful family. When times are good or bad my Mother never fails to be there for me. My daughter has blessed me with 3 beautiful granddaughters and 1 handsome grandson. The love of my family makes my world happy!
My success. God has blessed me with a job I enjoy, people I enjoy and financial rewards of doing something to take pride in. Success is measured differently by all people but happiness in what I do is success to me.
Being guided in the right direction. God has blessed me by heading me in the right direction. Sometimes I don’t understand why things are the way they are but I always know he has a reason and to keep my faith for a positive outcome.