Whimsies: The newest chic boutique to come to Belton

by / 0 Comments / 692 View / December 5, 2017

By Carissa Flores, Correspondent

New store owner Allison Turner has recently acquired a new and chic boutique by the name of Whimsies. The store was originally brought into the retail world in the year 2013 by previous owner Joy Schneider. Turner, a previous customer of the original store, bought it in 2016 and moved the location to a new centralized location for better customer access.
“We want to give people a unique shopping experience as well as a friendly and relaxed atmosphere,” Turner said.
The store does offer quite a unique atmosphere being that it is not only a store, but it also has a salon built in right next door. While women or men wait to get their hair trimmed they can do a little shopping or while their shopping they can go and get a quick peek at the salon. The main customer following that the store tries to appeal to are women and children. The store does, however, try to appeal to the men having a few things such as sunglasses and a few Under Armor items. The top best sellers in the women’s line of clothing are Free People, known for having chic and comfortable clothing items. Mustard Pie and Under Armor for their children’s section happens to be the top seller due to its durability for kids and the cutesy look that moms love. When looking to decorate a house Whimsies also has home décor to make sure a house is as festive as can be with its two top sellers to consider at the store being Glory House and Round Top.
“The store also supports local charities donating clothes that may be out of season now but perfect for the next.” Turner said.
The store not only loves its community, but it loves to give back as well. Sometimes when clothes are slightly damaged, or even like Turner said , out of season it is great to donate those items. Whimsies is a modern farmhouse chic store located at 408 Lake Road in Belton next to the high school for all gifting and shopping needs.