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Young 2nd in Region 2, Five Lady Tigers statebound

by / 0 Comments / 94 View / March 20, 2015

By Tony Adams, Sports Editor

Dana Young has arguably had the best season of any of the Belton Lady Tigers’ powerlifters in the 2015.

Having three first-place finishes within the 132 and 148 weight classes, the Belton sophomore competed at the Region II Finals at Lehman High School in Kyle with her sights set on her fourth first-place finish of the year.

She had her best day of the year, but finished a strong second (810 pounds) to Cleburne’s Bree Gossett. Gossett had a 340-320 advantage in the squats event, went out to a 530-495 weight-lifted advantage after the bench and then lifted 50 more pounds than Young during the deadlift.

“It was good place to be in preparations for state,” Young said. “I did well in squats and PR’ed (personal record) in that. I was right on the edge of PR’ing in dead lift and bench, so I did well. With Bree in front of me, it put me in a spot where I wanted it more and wanted to do even better. The third lift in each event put more pressure on me.”

The second place finish secured Young a spot at the Texas Womens’ State Powerlifting Championship in Corpus Christi at the America Bank Center on March 21.

Four other Lady Tigers punching their tickets to the state meet were Arianna Garcia (105), Autumn Conley (165), Morgan Callin (181) and Abbey Dolan (220). All four were the Top 6A lifters in the region in their weight classifications.

Here is the overall final statistics for the Belton lifters:
105: Arianna Garcia (fifth place overall, Top 6A lifter, state qualifier, 205 squat, 90 bench, 240 dead lift, 535 total) and Mia Garcia (sixth place, 170 squat, 90 bench, 200 dead lift, 460 total).
132: McKenna Thompson (ninth place, 220 squat, 85 bench, 235 dead lift, 540 total).
148: Young (second place overall, state qualifier, 320 squat, 175 bench, 315 dead lift, 810 total).
165: Conley (seventh place overall, Top 6A lifter, state qualifier, 270 squat, 130 bench, 300 dead lift, 700 total) and Kayla Dippel (10th place, 235 squat, 135 bench, 270 dead lift, 640 total).
181: Callin (seventh place overall, Top 6A lifter, state qualifier, 270 squat, 135 bench, 295 dead lift, 700 total).
198: Alicia Goodridge (eighth place, 270 squat, 110 bench, 280 dead lift, 660 total) and Danessa Ruiz (ninth place, 270 squat, 130 bench, 250 dead lift, 650 total).
220: Dolan (fourth place overall, Top 6A lifter, state qualifier, 285 squat, 145 bench, 295 dead lift, 725 total) and Katie King (fifth place, 245 squat, 140 bench, 305 dead lift, 690 total).

“Overall, I was pleased with our efforts at the Regional Meet, but it was a little bittersweet,” Belton girls’ powerlifting head coach Jason Moffett said. “I really felt like we should have qualified seven lifters and finished a little higher than we did in the team standings (Belton finished ninth with nine points).  I know a couple of the lifters were really disappointed about not making weight and a couple of them also felt like they should have performed a little better, especially on the squat. I was really proud of the way that they responded early, though. The judges were calling the squat depth really tight and we had to really get our kids extra low to keep from bombing out, and all of the girls responded to that and gave themselves a chance.  They will definitely be able to draw on that experience at state, as I am certain that depth will be called the same there as it was at regionals.”

The Lehman staff put together another great meet.

“Coach Rose and his staff at Lehman do an outstanding job of putting together the meet and ensuring that it runs off smoothly,” Moffett said. “It is a really tall order to organize that many lifters from such a large number of schools, and I thought they did an outstanding job.  They have good judges at their meet.  I know the chief judge (Tim Swann) from way back. We have judged together at the state meet before and I think he has a good crew assembled.  They are very strict, but I think also very fair and consistent.  They will be at the state meet, so it is good that we got to see them this week.”

Moffett knows what the girls need to do for the state meet, as far as work is concerned.

“As far as what we need to do to get ready for State, I think it is important that we focus on recovery and technique,” Moffett said. “It has been a long season. We have been practicing for something like 14 or 15 weeks. We have lifted a lot of very heavy weight. I am trying to be really smart about how I approach this week and next to ensure that the girls are fresh and rested. We will limit the amount of weight that we put on the bar from now until next Saturday and we will spend a lot of time working on all of the little details that are a part of having a great meet.”
Young understands what she needs to do for a success state meet showing.

“I’m excited after this and am happy with what I have accomplished so far,” Young said. “I want to do well at state and there is a great deal of work I need to do before that. I’m excited for what coach Moffett has for me and will coach me on. My teammates have been so supportive and we all have been there for each other, cheering for one another. The coaches and the fans have been great as well.”