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Young runner-up, Callin sixth at state powerlifting meet

by / 0 Comments / 197 View / April 4, 2015

By Tony Adams, Sports Editor

The Belton Lady Tigers Powerlifting team sent five of its members to the 2015 Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association’s State Meet at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi last weekend.

Arianna Garcia (105-pound weight class), Dana Young (148-pound weight class), Autumn Conley (165-pound weight class), Morgan Callin (181-pound weight class) and Abbey Dolan (220-pound weight class) represented Belton and performed exceptionally well.

“I thought we had a really good experience at the State Meet this weekend,” Belton Lady Tigers’ Powerlifting head coach Jason Moffett said. “Obviously, Dana had a truly outstanding meet. She set new PR’s on Bench (185) and Deadlift (325) and Total (830)

The sophomore Young finished second overall in the 148 class, squatting 320 pounds, benching 185 pounds and dead-lifting 325 pounds for a total 830 pounds. Karina Garcia of San Benito won the weight class with a total of 960 pounds lifted (380 squat, 190 bench and 390 dead-lift).

“When the dust settled, she was actually tied with the third place finisher at 830 pounds, but Dana weighed less than the other girl, and that’s how they decide the tiebreaker,” Moffett explained.

“Dana is an exceptional lifter and I am really expecting to see her continue to improve, as she still has two years remaining.  She just rises to the challenge and doesn’t let these big meets and pressure situations affect her.”

Callin finished sixth in the 181 class, squatting 270 pounds, benching 135 pounds and dead-lifting 335 pounds for a total of 740 pounds. Jased Castro of Los Fresnos won the 181-pound weight class with a total of 990 pounds lifted (420 squat, 220 bench and 345 dead-lift).

“Morgan Callin did very well in her first state meet appearance,” Moffett said. “She finished 6th in the 181’s and I think she will do even better next year.”

Dolan finished ninth in the 220 class, squatting 285 pounds, benching 130 pounds and dead-lifting 295 pounds for a total of 710 pounds. CeCe Sambrano of Alvin won the 220-pound weight class with a total of 1,000 pounds lifted (435 squat, 195 bench and 370 dead-lift).

“Abbey Dolan finished ninth in the 220’s,” Moffett said. “This is also her senior year and I was real proud of her qualifying for state again and ending her season on a high note.

Conley finished 13th in the 165 class, squatting 270 pounds, benching 170 pounds and dead-lifting 315 pounds for a total of 755 pounds. Olivia Espinoza won the 165-pound weight class with a total of 1,015 pounds lifted (410 squat, 240 bench and 365 dead-lift).

“Autumn Conley had an outstanding day in the 165’s,” Moffett said. “Even though she didn’t place very high, she improved her total by 55 lbs.  She really had a great time as she is a senior and this was her first trip to the state meet.  She had her best day ever.”

Garcia finished 14th in the 105 class, squatting 205 pounds, benching 100 pounds and dead-lifting 230 pounds for a total of 535 pounds. Sophie Avila of Los Fresnos won the 105-pound weight class with a total of 720 pounds lifted (270 squat, 125 bench and 325 dead-lift).

“Arianna Garcia was the lone Freshmen in our bunch, and she struggled a little on the Squat,” Moffett said. “We kind of got in a hole early that we couldn’t quite dig out of, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort. I need to do a better job of preparing her for the big meets.  I am really excited about her future, because she is really strong and driven.  I think she is going to do some really amazing things in the next three years. I wish I had about a dozen kids just like her.”

Young’s second place finish gave the Lady Tigers a team top-10 finish at the meet, finishing 10th overall with five points.

In addition to Belton’s state qualifiers, senior Mia Garcia was awarded a $1,000.00 scholarship by THSWPA and helped Moffett and assistant coach Stacey Meyers with statistics.

“I brought her with us to help wrap knees and keep our charts,” Moffett said. “She is a great kid and a hard worker. She was fortunate to be awarded one of 18 $1,000.00 scholarships from the THSWPA.  She is truly deserving of the scholarship and is planning on attending UMHB next year to Major in Child Psychology. It was really rewarding getting to see her benefit so much from this sport that she has put so much into over her high school career.