Zombies invade New Tech race

by / 0 Comments / 171 View / November 12, 2015

By Caleb Mynatt, The Belton Journal

Halloween is celebrated with scary costumes and candy. Ghouls, goblins, vampires, and witches are just a couple of the most popular monsters used on Halloween. None may be more famous, however, than zombies. What if this Halloween, however, zombies could be used to do good? Belton New Tech hosted its first annual Zombie 5k Run, which had a great turnout, despite the wet weather and flooding from the rain over the weekend. Though the race was affected by the rainy and flooding conditions, the spirits of the people were not, as people came out to run for a good cause.

“We had to debate on whether we would let the runners go because of the river and the water rising and messing up the course,” said Cheyenne Ramos, a New Tech Student and participant in the Zombie 5k Run. “We had to shorten the race and hurry and pack up because of the rain, but it was still fun. I want to try to compete next time.”

The community came out to run the rainy race, and in the spirit of Halloween, costumes were a must. With a makeup team on site, as well as costumes brought from home, people from the school and the community dressed up to run the race.
“I had my Zombie 5k t-shirt, and then the makeup crew turned me into a zombie. I was the makeup doll,” said Ramos, “We didn’t know how it was going to look on faces, so I got to be tested out, which I thought was pretty cool.”

Though coming and running in flooding conditions isn’t exactly the most ideal way to spend a Saturday morning, people came out anyway for the spirit of Halloween and for the good cause of the run.

“What made me participate in the run? Halloween,” said Ramos. “Who doesn’t love scary costumes and competition? I do! I love seeing people having fun and making the best of it.”

As for the function of the run, it’s going to help get people healthy for the upcoming winter season, using the Freshman Outbreak group from Belton New Tech High School.

“Using the proceeds, New Tech will be helping host a free clinic on November 21st at HEB,” said Sharla Adams, Pre-Cal teacher and orchestrator of the event. “The vaccinations will be 100 percent free, and will cover all four strands of the flu as opposed to the typical vaccination that covers the three main strands. Each vaccination is $26 for us to give, and we’ll give them out until we are out of money. We just figured it was a great way for Freshman Outbreak to stick with their study of diseases and help better the community.”

Though the rain affected the run, it did not kill the spirit and fun of Halloween. Money was still made that will go back to the community, and there was still plenty of fun to go around.