Being His Hands & Feet Ministry reaches out to locals in need


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What started as a simple drive-through prayer endeavor last summer, has turned into a multi-faceted ministry to help the homeless and the needy in the western Bell County area.

“Shortly after COVID began, we basically took out signs in the middle of the Walmart intersection parking lot in Temple on 31st Street, and we prayed for anyone that wanted prayer,” said ministry founder Tiffani Conner.

The needs of the area, however, also began to weigh on their minds, so in addition to prayer, the group sought to meet other needs.

“We help homeless families, or homeless individuals, foster families, single parent families, and really anyone struggling,” said Conner. “We have not ever turned anyone down regardless of where, or what classification We start with providing just the immediate needs that they have at that moment.”

First, the ministry has its Blessing Boutique, located at 627 Hope For The Hungry St.

“We collect donations from the community, clothes, shoes, home items, home decor, and we’ve even had some furniture come through. They can come to us and basically get any of their needs met that way,” said Conner. “And if they have something that they need, and we don’t have it, we reach out to the community, or other resources or organizations and help get those needs met.”

Likewise, Being His Hands & Feet also receives referrals from other organizations who encounter individuals with needs that the ministry can help meet.

They also have created “blessing bags” for homeless in 2020, and with the community’s help, distributed more than 800 blessing bags. Currently for the blessing bags, they collecting socks and underwear for men and women, along with toiletries.

“We’ve given blankets, we’ve given sleeping bags, and we’ve gone to different places to do that.”

Another initiative the group has worked on, and is working on for this fall, is called the King’s banquet, and evening which took in 45 homeless individuals, treating them to a special meal, along with some encouragement.

“I mean, we need encouragement, and we’re not living in those situations. So how much more important is it to them that do need it?” said Conner, who called the evening a “five-star star dining experience,” which was held at Feed My Sheep.

“We gave out blessing bags, but we also gave gift bags that had just the extra special things that normally they don’t get. It was really a sweet night. It was one of those times you saw people not wanting to leave because when they came in, you could see them put the title of homeless down. And they just got to be a normal person that got to enjoy a very special night.”’

Being His Hands & Feet is working toward a similar event in November, called the Grateful Gala, in which they plan to expand to include 100 of the community with a catered event and entertainment.

This year, they also plan to work with foster families and single parent families in the Temple and Belton area to help them have a great holiday for their children.

“Really, it’s more than just giving handouts, it’s really trying to encourage them to take that next step. And one thing I have learned in all of this is that sometimes, then taking that next step takes longer than what we expect. Maybe it’s the system or whatever,” said Conner. “Sometimes it’s discouraging to them and we’ve come across a lot of families that have shared that with us. We are there to love them and encourage them and remind them that they’re not doing this alone, and that they can do it.”

The Blessing Boutique is open to all members of the community, and is open on Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. until 6 p.m., and Thursday s from 2-6 p.m.

For more information about getting involved with Being His Hands & Feet Ministry or receiving assistance, Tiffani Conner can be reached by calling 254-421-7144.

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Volunteers with Being His Hands & Feet Ministry assemble blessing bags which are distributed to the homeless. The group is collecting items for more blessing bags and also preparing for its Grateful Gala, a homeless outreach event in November. They will also be assisting foster and single-parent families this Christmas season.