By MINDY MOORE The Belton Journal The Bell County Museum has opened an exhibit in the Roscoe Harrison Jr. Auditorium. The exhibit is called Bell Fine Arts Paints Bell County and features 23 pieces of art in all different mediums. The painters from the Bell Fine Arts Association, which has been around since 1965, created their art with oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen and ink, block prints, graphite, and mixed media. All 23 pieces have something whether obvious or not so obvious in them that connects to Bell County. Jeanne Logsdon, President of the Bell Fine Arts Association, is very excited about their exhibit. “We are so excited with partnering with the museum. We love to show our close ties to our home.” Vice President Sheron Driessner also shares a joy for this event. “This event is a truly great experience, and we hope everyone enjoys it.” The centerpiece of the exhibit is a group project that the association worked on they call the “Bell County Armadillo.” The armadillo is sectioned off with history of Bell County across it. Every part of the art piece was done by somebody different and it took several weeks to complete. There are many other interesting pieces in the collection. One piece was made by Jan Hamson Combs. She featured the Bargain Barn in her piece, which her brother owned. The irony is that she painted the signs that are on the Bargain Barn, and she worked their when she was younger. There is another piece done by Emma Erier who is only 14 but has immense talent. She did a piece on the Bell County Courthouse and the detail work is breathtaking. Coleman Hampton, Director of the Bell County Museum, was thrilled to have the exhibit. “The opportunity to partner with a community organization is always a priority for us and Bell Fine Arts is an amazing organization,” Hampton said. “The paintings show the community and it is meaningful both for people inside and outside of Bell County.” The Curator of Collections and Exhibits at the Museum, Mikaela Young, talked briefly about the space being used. “We have dedicated this space to community exhibits, programs, and lectures.” The Roscoe Harrison Jr. Auditorium was just recently given its current name to honor a close friend of the museum and the community. The Bell Fine Arts Association and the museum welcome people to view the amazing art showcased in the gallery. The exhibit will be open until January 28, 2023. If you would like to join the association or have an interest, please contact Jeanne Logsdon at 409-313-0611. Visitors are always welcome to join weekly sessions on Wednesdays from 9 to 2 at 306 E. 5th Ave, Belton.