The Belton Journal

Belton City Manager Sam Listi gets excited when he talks about Belton’s Beautification Committee and the progress they are making.

The committee was developed in 2023 at the suggestion of then Mayor Wayne Carpenter.

“I asked Sam Listi to do this before I decided not to run for Mayor again,” said Carpenter.

Now, as Carpenter sits on the City Council, he is also a member of the Beautification Committee.

A visually appealing community increases property values, attracts businesses, and improves the neighborhood’s image.

In past discussions with Robert Potts, president of Cochran, Blair & Potts department store, he said he is a big supporter of beautification projects in the Downtown Belton area.

Potts pointed out the colorful planters and shrubs in the downtown area, saying they have made a big difference in the appearance of Belton.

At the beginning of March, the owners of Cochran, Blair & Potts, started their own approach to beautification by having a mural on their building removed, and having a mural artist paint a colorful mural that updates more of the history of Belton.

Michael McPheeters is a mural artist known as Mr. Mural.

Based in Dallas, McPheeters is known for his custom-designed and hand painted murals.

He was commissioned by Cochran, Blair & Potts to transform their wall with his vibrant mural artistry.

Collaborating with the owners, McPheeters is breathing new life into this space, drawing inspiration from the town’s history and culture.

From depictions of American Indians to iconic Texan symbols like longhorns and yellow roses, his mural weaves together a narrative that spans from the past to the present.

His attention to detail includes hidden elements, such as a tribute to a marathon runner and his dog, adding layers of meaning to the artwork. Utilizing spray paint techniques, the artist infuses his signature style into the mural, creating a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of Belton’s spirit.

As the project nears completion after 12 days of meticulous work, McPheeters showcases his expertise honed over two decades as a professional artist, adding a touch of creativity and storytelling to the heart of Belton.

“Creativity is everything in the work I do. I always put in little hidden aspects to my art,” he said.

According to McPheeters, wall murals are becoming a big thing for cities to make them stand-out.

McPheeters has brought imaginations to life through immersive environments that visually engage the public and enhance communities. In conclusion, he says that at Mr. Mural there is no space too large or too small that he can’t conquer.