The Belton Journal

The regularly scheduled City Council meeting was held on Tuesday night at the Harris Community Center at 401 N. Alexander.

Belton City Manager Sam Listi presented the fiscal year 2025-2029 strategic plan update to the City Council. City Council and Management regularly review the Five-Year Strategic Plan to shape the city’s future direction. A comprehensive update occurs every 2-3 years, with this year’s update being done internally. 

The update involves reviewing input from the Council and Department Heads to create an updated plan for City Council consideration during the budget process.

Key categories in the strategic plan include Governance, Public Safety, Quality of Life, Economic Development, Connectivity, Parks & Natural Beauty, and Service Delivery.

No changes were recommended from the previous year. Ongoing projects will be integrated into the next update.

Listi emphasized ranking goals and project status to address infrastructure needs with the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and coordination with various entities.

The Strategic Plan includes conducting Annual “Belton University” with UMHB input and guidance.

According to Listi, these efforts highlight the city’s commitment to efficient service delivery and continuous improvement across various departments and services. 

The next steps to updating the plan involve further discussions and finalizing the plan based on the feedback received.

The proposal outlines the city’s financial plan for the upcoming year. The city won’t see a fiscal impact until the final budget is adopted. Listi recommended Council input on the plan update process and plan considerations received to date.  

Belton Mayor David Leigh, in observation of Arbor Day, presented a Proclamation to the Belton Parks and Recreation staff and employees.

In the Proclamation, Leigh read a poem written by a 19th Century American poet, Lucy Larcom.

“He who plants a tree/Plants a hope/Plants a joy/He plants peace/He plants youth/He plants love.”

Texas first observed Arbor Day in 1889 and established that a day in April shall be set aside for the planting of trees.

A public hearing was held to request a zoning change at 212 Groves Road, where a 13.475-acre plot currently zoned as Light Industrial was proposed for rezoning as Planned Development – Light Industrial (PD-LI).

The intention is to develop an industrial warehouse building on the vacant lot, with access to water and sewer services from Belton CCN.

The zoning adjustment would enable the construction of a 73,125 square feet warehouse, with an initial provision of 51 parking spaces. An additional 24 spaces will be deferred until the warehouse expands or the property undergoes a change in ownership. The surrounding area comprises auto auctions, warehouses, a vacant lot, and an expo center/RV dealer.

With neighboring properties already accounting for 123 parking spaces, it is anticipated that there will be adequate space to accommodate the new building. The project is expected to employ around 20 workers on various shifts initially.

The addition of this warehouse could attract more businesses to the area, increasing commercial activity and contributing to the overall growth and development of the city. The availability of water and sewer services at the site ensures that the project can proceed smoothly, without the need for significant infrastructure upgrades.

With the deferral of 24 parking spaces until needed, the city can accommodate the initial phase of the project without causing immediate strain on existing parking facilities in the area.

Overall, the zoning change presents an opportunity for the city to enhance its industrial sector, stimulate economic growth, and create a more dynamic and vibrant business environment.

The City Council voted unanimously to approve the zoning change.