The Belton Journal

It’s official: Lake Belton is 100 percent full, as of Monday after the heavy rains this spring, particularly over this past weekend.

The lake’s level has risen 30 percent since April 7, when the level was at 582.54 feet.

On Tuesday, it was 602.02 feet, nearly 20 feet higher.

Much of the Brazos River Basin, where area lakes and reservoirs receive their water, is at more than 90 percent capacity as of May 7, and other lakes and reservoirs that aren’t as high will likely reach those levels.

Many of the parks at Belton Lake have not been closed due to the rising water levels. McGregor Park was closed on April 15 due to a flash flooding event.  Some of the parks  that are open for day use and for boat ramps, such as Westcliff Park and Temple Lake Park, have courtesy docks closed as of March 27 due to  low lake levels at that time.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineer has a park closure status page at which is updated as of May 4.

The City of Morgan’s Point Resort announced that the marina is temporarily closed due to the rising in lake levels.

“The safety of our community and visitors is our utmost priority, and our decision to close the Marina is to ensure everyone’s well-being. As the water levels are expected to continue rising, possibly covering the lower parking lot, the closure will remain in effect until further notice or until May 22nd, when our high-water walkway is repaired,” the city announced via its social media page. “Our dedicated staff is diligently working to assess the situation and will keep you updated on any developments.

“We understand the inconvenience this may cause, especially during this time of year when many enjoy the recreational opportunities at the Marina. However, safety remains paramount, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this temporary closure.”