Buyers and vendors flocked to historic downtown Belton from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday for Belton Market Days, a traditional event featuring goods for purchase, food, and entertainment.

Market Days well accommodated guests of all demographics and interests, as some brought their pets, others pushed strollers, some came for the food, while others searched for makeup or antique collectibles.

Sellers set up booths and canopies that spanned several blocks, and with an impressive number of vendors present, very few niches went unrepresented.

Candice Fitzwater, an attendee in search of new house decorations, praised the welcoming nature of the event.

“No matter what you’re into, it’s here somewhere,” Fitzwater said. “This thing is for anyone and everyone.”

The event also provided excellent means for local nonprofits to fundraise for their respective causes.

Adele Heath represented the Belton Citizens Police Academy, selling law enforcement, supportive apparel for the sake of raising money to assist the Belton Police Department.

Additional nonprofit organizations were there as well, seeking to raise money for veterans, first responders and other causes.

“Beltonians are always willing to help out those who’ve helped us,” Brian Kerrigan said regarding the nonprofit groups at the event. “It’s just who we are.”

Accompanying all of this were street performers eagerly supplying the energy that truly pushed the event over the top.

Tyler Robinson shared his appreciation for the manner in which the market was put together.

“Everything is great, and I hope they continue to do this for a long time,” Robinson said. “Events like this are good for the community.”

Belton Market Days typically takes place on the third Saturday of every month and is open to all who are drawn.